Anyone remember Square Deal in Patchogue L.I. ??

Just curious for those who frequented the Square Deal store in Patchogue LI. The store has been gone for awhile...but, I really enjoyed visiting and buying my first real audio system back in the late 80's. Steve K was a really great salesman and I learned a lot about audio from him( and my Dad)..Anyone remember?

Yes I do remember Square deal and I purchased lots of Classe equipment from Steve. I also purchased his B&W 802 speakers. Steve was great to do business with and a real nice guy. I miss those days with Steve he helped me purchase my very first audio system.
Me too, located on Waverly Avenue. Purchased my Acoustic Research AR-11 speakers (1975), AKG K340 headphones (1981),(both I still have), 3M turntable mat, an Akai boombox, cables and Dicswasher refills, etc. They even offered me a job back in the early eighties.
Great to hear. For a place that sold "everything" from Cd's and Laser discs(you remember those right?) Car audio with installation, to full home theater set ups(remember those big projection TV's at the front... any way. Steve had one of the best Stereo demos rooms(3 I think actually) and a room for used gear(I spent a good deal of time there!) I too bought a few Cal Audio players,Tandberg tuner, Nakamichi tape decks, a car audio system, and one rather large pair of Apogee demos hualed out in the back of a VW Jetta!.. Steve was an accomplished Piano player as I recall, and had a very good ear for music and what made good audio too. He just gave alot of himself on that job.

I moved from Oakdale to Upstate NY in 1980, but always visited Square Deal when I visited my folks and made it a priority to go out and visit the store.. I know they closed down sometime after I moved south to Atlanta ( really miss eastern LI!) ..anyone know why they closed down and where Steve went ultimately?
I also moved out of the area to Illinos before I left I saw Steve driving on Sunrise Hwy. He looked well I dont know why they closed?
I remember them. Steve was a nice guy. Some of the others though. It'a to bad they closed, A single store couldn't possiably compete with the PC Richards and Newmark & Lewis
all over the place.

Hi, funny seeeing a post for Square Deal on Audiogon !
I worked there in 1983 with Steve and the crew...good times!
I am in East Patchogue. I still talk with Chip once in a while, and Mike Brody lives around the corner...--Neil
Used to shop there quite often in the old days, when I was still living on the Island. A good store. Bought a few things there.
I don't believe this one. I live in AZ now but I remember Square Deal even before they had their big store. I bought a lot of stuff from them, knew Ed and Mike Brody well. Can't begin to tell you what I got from them but I think I bought just about everything they had except for Classe. Mac, Genesis (early models), AR11, AR9, AR Turntable. Was a customer from 1971 until they closed their doors, a sad day.
OK Guys, this may age me a bit but do you remember when they were on Main Street, you rememebr the sons but I worked for the parents way back 'in the good old days' starts as a kid work with my Dad doing delieveries and Tv repair IN THE HOME! best memeery is of that big red and black 'tube case'. well thanks for listening - I just thought for a laugh to google old jobs and here is was. I moved upstate long before the move.
Boy do I remember that store, I remember the store on Main Street before they moved. Bought my first turntable there it was a Panasonic mini changer and Mike Brody sold it to me...great guy.

I worked there for quite a few years on and off doing car stereo installations., in fact I'm still using my ADS 980 speakers and my Tandburg 3006 A power amp. One bad thing working at that  place was as fast as you got paid you would give it back to them in spades buying equipment. 

Every time something new came out like speakers, a new receiver, or something Mike Brody would be playing with it in the sound room. Of course you had to have it what ever it was so your old, (and I do use that term loosely) most of the time the equipment you were trading in was only a couple of months old and in the used room it went. I remember changing my car stereo so much I should have installed it with Vecro.

 How many of you remember the Sound Mobile a 68 Mercury Cougar with the nose cut off. Used to sit in the middle of the store had every car stereo they sold mounted in it. Later they built the car stereo display and got rid of the car. Ahhhh those were the days, I can go on forever.
Visiting  SQUARE DEAL in the 70s with a buddy was a weekly venture.....We made a special trip to hear the new ARs and Hitachi classG  receivers...I remember Steve and his partner .....They were like two madmen scientists of was always like...HEY...Lets go o Square Deal!...itwas a ride from Deer Park.but we managed to :entertain ourselves for the trip....Oh and a stop at Hardees or Wetsons to boot!:)