Anyone try purple and orange with green CD edge?

I hate to judge before all the facts are in, but while the color green on the outer edge of the CD can be quite effective, the additional colors purple and ornage bring quite a lot of focus and soundstage to the table. one inch stripes orange on opposite sides of the CD, North and South, one inch stripes purple (violet) East and West. fill reamining portion of edge with bright green. For this task use transparent permanent ink pens like, say, Sharpie. the Brush version of Shaprie pens work very well for this project, the Fine Tip pens will work too.
I know shades of green on the inside of my cd cover makes a difference. Also the finish like flat or mat or semi-gloss is also evident. The topper I use is metallic and covers the entire cd including the edges. The top side I treated with AVM after double cyro treatments of the cover itself. With this going on there need be no cd paint jobs only cryo the disc itself which is permanent. I will try the stripes as well even with the cover.Tom
Personally for the the method described by Geoffkait works best on psychedelic music cd's. On all other cd's the music sounds unidirectional.
Swanny why would this not make sense? A cd player uses laser light and light is either refracted or absorbed by various colors so it's not a stretch to think color treatments might have an effect. Not going to bother trying it myself but I don't doubt there might be an effect.
Actually coloring the discs goes WAY beyond cryo, you could say light years. All my CDs have been to the lab and back.
Jond is right on target; as the wavelength of the color green, causes it to reflect only green and to absorb every other color in white light's spectrum.

The underside layer of my cd cover I already had painted I could put a purple stripe east and west and an orange strip north and south all on the cover. This way I wouldn't have to paint each disc. I have several of these covers I had made so I have many for comparison. Thanks for laying the thought. Tom
Tom, no matter how well you have painted the tray and/or the cover, you still need to paint each CD. You can't fool Mother Nature.
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My cover covers the edges and the entire disc..My cover is green on the the entire flat surface and the inside lip. Leakage?
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