AQ Firebird vs Hurricane Power Cord Comparo

Has anyone compared the two? I am burning in a Hurricane HC cord on my preamp (too much trouble removing my Elrod Silver from power conditioner and wall and connecting to pre, and moving Hurricane to where Elrod was). As it burns in (about 75 hours so far) I am mighty impressed. Audible increase in transparency, realism in midrange and depth and tightness of bass. Now of course considering the Firebird, if there is an audible step up. Dragon cost-prohibitive as new PC. Thx.
I do not have a hurricane; I have a firebird 2 m  between the wall and the conditioner and it's ok, and between the conditioner and the amplifier I have Dragon 1 m; The dragon I bought recently has only 36 hours of operation; both cables are silver; is a good dynamics but I can not compare it to Hurrican because I did not try it; but firebird is a good price / quality cable ....
Though I understand wanting to know if there are differences, considering how your cables are not run through, I , personally, would not consider thinking of the other choices until everything settles in.

 I do understand that you want to have the best, but there comes a point when it can become a bit obsessive.
(FWIW, every step up with AQ delivers a noticeable, and usually positive, change).
My 2-3 cents...
Thanks, Bob. Agree with allowing settling in before doing anything else, BUT, obsession arrived a few decades ago and will not leave!

Thanks for agreeing.
Though I have to say, the degree of 'improvement' is going to be fairly small considering how close to the upper limits you are now enjoying.

My other 2 cents says, unless you have unlimited funds to pursue your dream, it makes sense to stop and smell the flowers or at least listen to what you have. Who knows, maybe AQ will come out with another 'Dragon slayer'?
I agree with you in principle, but every now and then there is a significant change in design or technology or a combo of the two which leads to an easily audible improvement in performance of an audio component. Teflon capacitors in preamps is one example. I am beginning to suspect this may be true of the AQ Storm series of cables. I don't have unlimited funds but enough to update when there has been an improvement as described. lest you think I follow audio fads, I am still using a Krell FPB 300cx purchased new in 2002, and a Sansui TU-1X AM/FM tuner made in 1977, I think.

Regarding “settling in” the AQ storm series perform from the get go and only improve marginally with 72 hours in situ. The effect of any cable should be immediately obvious.  As I’ve only tried the Dragons in my system I cannot speak to how they compare to others in the line but they are light years better than the older AQ cables. 

By the way another upgrade for older AQ cables is to add the new carbon DBS boxes in place of the older ones, they deliver a solid upgrade to any AQ cable that uses DBS, lower noise floor and more life and detail comes through giving a more natural presentation 
This has not been my experience, folkfreak (great screen name!). I have had the Hurricane PC for about a month (50-75 hours) and have recently noticed an audible improvement in transparency, realism and bass performance. I have not changed anything else in my system. I heard a difference from my prior LessLoss top-of-the line ( a favorite) but was not sure it was an improvement. Now I am.
Hello Neal, I was wondering if you ever got to try the Firebird power cable? happy with the Hurricane?
Sorry for delayed reply. Never did try Firebird; I am happy with Hurricane. Stay safe.  Neal
Never tried the Firebird but after having a 20A HC Hurricane connected to my Niagara 7000 for a year now I began to wonder if the power cord was too bottom up in sound. I really wanted to try a Dragon, but lets just say I’m not rich.
I decided to make one on my own. I used 10 gauge .9999 pure soft silver wire and the best Teflon oversized tubing I could find. I covered the tubing with some granite mesh from Parts Express. I terminated the cables with Furutech F-50 NCF fittings and used Furutech Nano liquid on the connections. Heck, I even braided it like the Dragon.

To my surprise the Hurricane was holding back my system. My new power cord brought so much more life to the music it is awesome. However it did take a few weeks to fully flesh out. 

BTW, my Hurricane is now connected to my Audioquest 1200 which powers my 2 JL F-113 subs.


@ozzy - I tried finding granite mesh on Parts Express and it doesn't show up as a product. Do you have a link or is there a brand name ?