Are Pass Labs amps good at low volume levels?

I am considering the Pass X250.5/8. Nearly all amps I have tried aside from the Mark Levinson 532H sounds like something is missing at low volume levels. The Levinson manages to sound great and not feel like I'm missing anything other than the bass.

I am considering an upgrade from Levinson to Pass but am curious how it handles low volume listening as it seems many amps require a medium or high volume level to sound their best.

Speakers are Gallo Strada. This is for a secondary small room system. I'm using a Benchmark DAC3 HGC with volume control directly into the amp. (top of the line dac with very low noise floor and Benchmark actually advises running it this way without a preamp)
Should be fine. My X250 sounds very good at low volume. It’s all about the synergy of the equipment, clean power, equipment/rack isolation and room treatment more than just the amp I feel. If you achieve a system that is revealing it will sound very good a lower levels. It’s a combination of many things so not sure only certain amps will get you there but a Pass will deliver with some work no problem.
If the goal is incredible sound at low volume my focus would be overweight on speakers.
In his very long thread on amps whitecamaross  also stated that the ML 532H sounded very good at low volumes.  I don't recall him noting this for other amps.  

He liked the Pass amps early on in his journey but once he listened to the Simaudio 860 and the Luxman M-900 and even higher priced amps, he changed his opinion on Pass, calling them midfi.  Send him an email.  He'll give you his opinion on what might work for you.

He liked the Pass amps early on in his journey but once he listened to the Simaudio 860 and the Luxman M-900 and even higher priced amps, he changed his opinion on Pass, calling them midfi.

It's really not a fair comparison putting a ~$8K Pass 250.5/8 against an $18K Simaudio or $20K Luxman.  Yes, I'm sure the Pass is "mid-fi" in comparison.  I'd presume the OP doesn't have $20K to roll into the amp based on the products he said he was considering but you never know.
I meant no disrespect for Nelson or his fine amps. I was just passing along a bit of information from wcss’s thread.

This guy has spent more time and money swapping amps and other components in and out of his system than anyone I have ever heard of. He even built a listening room in his garage after his wife ran him out of the house over his loud music. I thought he would be a good resource for the OP since they had the same take on the ML amp.

It's always good to get honest opinions that go against the conventional wisdom.
he changed his opinion on Pass, calling them midfi

Then the only thing mid-fi are his abilities...

I would never label Pass amps ’mid-fi.’

Note, this is coming from someone who has moved on from Pass and is aware of what one can accomplish as one moves up the amplification price ladder.

It comes down to hard work and time, learning about a product and (importantly) spending time with it, applying that knowledge in setting one’s system up, understanding / maximizing synergies and fitting solutions to one's preferences and goals, etc.
It sounds to me most of all that you may need a loudness switch. Well implemented, the rewards outweigh the demerits, and make true low level listening a real delight.
your Loudspeakers have everything to 
do with it,efficiency and how well it sounds at low volumes.  
Also a 250.8 owner and consider it outstanding at all volumes with my Maggie's. As someone else said there's nothing mid-fi about Pass products. For their price they can't be beat.
I own a Pass 30.5 and listen at low levels after my wife has gone to bed. It sounds great, but my speakers are fairly efficient.

I realize suggesting anything "in the chain"  other than straight, and elevated wire is heresy on this forum, but you might consider any amp of your choice and this "delicious one" loudness dial for low level sessions.
X350 > Martin Logan Ascent i and F5 > Altec Model 19 owner.

I think his high bias / class A designs sort of idle in the sweet spot so they work very well at low levels and are very capable with quieter music.

And he owns First Watt so obviously he gets it.

If you’re wanting class A sound up to 30 watts (approximately 120 watts class A/B), top notch sound and build quality, and a loudness switch for low volume listening, check out the Luxman 590axii.