Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)

Are there other people so much amazed by a relatively low cost system , they consider that is not a stopgap but instead a minimally satisfying ectasy... Each day i am amazed by my speakers and headphone... Am i deaf? Am i ignorant of high end ? Be assured that i know better system with higher acoustic experience and more refined exist ...

My point is an experienced and felt minimal threshold of acoustic qualities and well done and well realized and well manifested acoustic factors exist for me and are at play, for the price invested; so much so , i consider any upgrade way less tempting and if possible would be more, way more , costlier to appear as a real upgrade in quality... For sure an upgrade of part at low cost unbeknowst to me is possible but i must live with what i have for now but i feel no frustration at all. 😊

Am i the only one deluded in this way or enlightened in this way ? Pick your choice of word.... 😎


I believe far too many people worry about what others think about their equipment.  Who cares? Does it sound good to YOU?  Do YOU enjoy it? If so, enjoy it then. Goof around with it hear and there looking for improvements if you wish always making sure it's YOU  who likes the results.  Sure, ask questions and learn but just please yourself and that should suffice. 

At the end of the day, whether you spent $1000 or $100,000 on your system, they are boxes of wires. I don’t think of them as important in the large scheme of my life. Find contentment and happiness with your audio and music, but more significantly find contentment and happiness in your life.

"And BTW, who is this Jay guy you are referring to?"

@yogiboy I think he must be referring to a reviewer on YT who posts videos as Jay's Iyagi. For example:


Someone who was certain they were satisfied might not be tempted to ask this question.

To be an audiophile, one doesn’t need to have Elon Musk type resources.  You just have to appreciate good sound.  It’s more of a challenge to achieve this with limited resources.  Yes, system matching, synergies, etc matter, but honestly if one spends megabucks on each component the odds are that it will sound good, if not perhaps realizing the full potential of the resources expended.  And while there is a lot of really good sounding mid Fi gear available compared to decades of yore, here it becomes more of a challenge to match components, etc.  The budget audiophiles get sneared at a lot, and there are some eccentrics who play in that corner of the sandbox.  However there are many who really know what they are doing