Argent Pursang - Your input, please....

Has anyone had the chance to listen to the Argent Pursang speaker cables? While I know it will be highly system-dependent, I'm curious as to how they might compare with my current Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns? Do they like ribbons/tubes?

Based on comments I've read from users, I've yet to hear any drawbacks and the price point is within reach of my ever-shrinking wallet.
The Argent Audio Pursang speaker cable is the best cable that I have ever used. I particularly enjoy the cable's superb tonal balance from top to bottom, wide and deep sound stage, detail, and clarity. The Pursang cable also has a "cutting through" quality (immediacy) and is very dimensional (holographic).

In my opinion, the Pursang is much more resolved than the Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable. The Pursang has better extension, clarity, focus, and is more dimensional from front to back.

If you enjoy silver cables, the Pursang is very lush in the mids, without being colored, and has a high degree of musicality.
I second Hawaiikid's comments down to the last word. In my system that is exactly how Pursang sounds, and I have the same reaction to my comparison with AZ Satori (a single run, not shotgun) as well as with Magnan Signature. All the signal cable in my system is Pursang - two sets of interconnects and the speaker cables.

That said, I have a caveat based on a couple of recent experiences with the interconnects. The first one was whern I substituted Pursang IC into a friend's system (AI Mod III pre, Trimax 805 amps, MM de Capo i's) in place of his Wireworld Gold Eclipse III+ from pre to amps. In this situation the Pursang sounded very detailed but lean and tipped-up, much like the stereotypical conception of "silver wire".

The second experience was in a different system with a Wadia, Hurricanes and Total Eclipses. We put the Pursang between the CDP and the amp in place of his Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5. This time, with the Hurricanes in triode mode it sounded similar to what we'd heard in the other system, but less obnoxious. When we switched the amps to pentode mode everything just came alive, and I heard the same effect I get in my own system in terms of extension, immediacy, depth, palpability, musicality etc. In this system, with the amps in triode the Wireworld sounded "better", but in pentode the Pursang left it in the dust.

The local opinion of four others who have heard it is that the Pursang speaker cable is more of a sure thing than the IC, and that it's unequivocally superior to the AZ Satori or Magnan Signature (which is the cable the other four use). My opinion is that if the system sounds worse with Pursang in it, then the problem is likely elsewhere.

My system is an Audio Note 4.1x DAC, an Audion preamp, Wavelength Triton amps and Coincident Total Victory speakers, so it's my feeling that the more good tubes there are in the system, the better Pursang will work. IMO, that's because there's more music for it to let through. If there's crud being generated at any point in the system, the Pursang will not hide it.
Not trying to damp the enthusiasm about the Pursang, but I wanted to make a few comments about the AZ comaparisons...

1. You will pay about $1500 for an 8' pair of Pursang (new, not available used). An 8' pair of Satori can be had for $325 in mint used condition. At over 4x the cost the Pursang better be far superior to the Satori!

2. The Satori Shotgun is a different beast than the Satori as it has separate high and low pass cables, each of which is optimized for its frequency range. Expect to pay a little about $650 for an 8' mint used pair, still less than half the cost of the Pursang.

3. I considered two pair of Pursang for my VMPS RM/X speakers (at about $3000) since I biamp. But I decided to get a custom-made, Acoustic Zen Hologram mkII "Double Barrel Shotgun" instead. It was built by Robert Lee to the specs of my particular speakers and he added 7N zero crystal silver to the high pass cable. The set is very similar to a Kimber Select KS3033 low pass and KS3035 high pass which would be much more expensive. I'd love to compare my AZ cables to the Pursang since the price points are getting closer. Still the two runs of Pursang would be over 50% more money.

4. Not a big deal, but from the pics I've seen the fit/finish of the Pursang wires leave a bit to be desired. I've also read that removing the connector housings leads to improved sound (this is with the interconnects, of course), making me wonder about the quality of the connectors/terminations.

This being said, a forum member I have spoken with many times swears by the Pursang and I have no doubt it is among the best cables available. One of these days I'll order some wire from Ric and give it a try in my system.
I am that forum member and one of these days I will get Eric to try the Pursang and not all the other "expensive" cables/ic's on his list.

As I currently have a pair of Satori speaker cable along with my Pursang, I wouldn't say that the AZ is better made (and it certianly doesn't sound anywhere close to the Pursang).

Eric, although I understand where you are coming from, the fact that you rarely see Argent Audio cables and ic's used is a testament to its quality and customer satisfaction. When I did sell some of my Jaden Sig (step down from the Pursang), I was able to get 70% of the list price and I had more than a dozen offers at that price! Try getting that for AZ or other brands.

I keep bringing other products in on audition and the Pursang is still here. Next up, the more expensive Kimber Select and Audioquest Volcano and Cheetah.

BTW, the Pursang isn't double the cost of the double barrel if you go by list price. :-) You should talk to Ric and see if he can do anything on price.

Lastly, Ric of Argent Audio is one of the nicest people I have come across in audio. He will talk to you forever on the phone (not just about audio) and he genuinely cares about what you need in your system. No high pressure sales tactics ever.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend that you try the Pursang in your system and make your own decision.

George, agree will all the above!

The only cables left on my "must try" list are the Purist Dominus/Venustas and Pursang. And the NBS Omega digital cable. Maybe the Sonoran Plateau too.
Hello George and Eric, all good comments from two great audiophiles. My personal comment is that we should compare apples with apples, not oranges with apples. Therefore, IMO price comparisions should be based on "new" or "used," rather than comparing used with new or vice versa.

I recently sold my Signature Speaker cables (after upgrading to the Pursang cables) for nearly 70% of retail price, which is rarely done in the resale market.

I really have enjoyed my Satori Shotguns, but again after reading George and Dennis' comments, I'm intrigued to say the least, by what I've heard and read about the Pursang.

I just wonder what I will lose (or gain) going from a bi-wired shotgun configuration to a single run of the Pursang. Then again, if the Pursang is what it has been reported to be, I could just break the bank and "double down" for a dual run of Pursangs to be able to continue bi-wiring my Piega P-10's.

Utimately, I really have to give the Pursangs an audition and with Rick's refund policy, I guess it's a no-brainer.

Interesting discussion.
Hello Gerryn, may I recommend that you contact Ric Cummins and ask him about your querry about what you will gain or lose by replacing your Satori bi-wire shotgun configuration for a single or double run of the Pursang cable. Or, you may contact me directly for additional information.
After reading a lot about the pursang cables in the internet I called Ric and ordered a pair of pursang speaker cables to use between my modified cj integrated and my proac ebs's. I could have sent the cabels back within four weeks!
The pursang are the best cables ever to grace my system. Just nothing to add to hawaikid. Very neutral, great resolution and soundstage.
Ric is a very, very nice guy! I also asked him about his experience with internal speaker cabling because I am always interested in tweaking my system. Ric sent me some cables for free to replace the standard QED copper cables used by proac. Rics cables needed about 150 hours to break in, but afterwards I was really shocked! The proac was a very neutral speaker with high resolution but Rics cables improved them at least 30%.

I'm living in germany and not involved in his business but I can only say, call him and give his cables a try....
I recently switched from AZ Satori's (a single run, not the DB) to the Pursang and couldn't be happier. The sound is just so much more alive without being tipped up or tizzy.

I was a little worried about the Pursang's having a "silvery" signiture, but they're sounding great and are are a real bargain at the used prices I've seen when they occasionally pop up on the 'Gon.