Arvo Pärt

I have been listening to Fratres and Tabula Rasa a lot lately and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for good performances and recordings of these pieces. I really like the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Neeme Järvi, I have another version of Fratres conducted by Andrew Parrot and while I like his vocal work with Pärt I do not care for his lack luster interpretation of Fratres. I have heard from people that the Naxos recordings of this work is pretty good, any thoughts on that, or other recommendations? I feel John Tavener's Out of the Night vocal music is similar to Pärt's Magnificat- are there any other composers who seem to capture the mystisism as well as Pärt instrumentally? Thanks for any insight!
Einsturzende Neubauten's Tabula Rasa is pretty damn good, but i dont think that is what you are looking for.
Have you heard the Telarc Fratres (Werthen / I Fiamminghi, CD-80387)? Outstanding!
The recordings of these Pärt works on the ECM 1275 are good:

Fratres, arranged by Pärt for The Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic

Fratres, arranged by Pärt for piano and violin, performed by Gidon Kremer and Keith Jarrett

Tabula Rasa, Sondeckis/Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, with Gidon Kremer, violin, and Alred Schnittke, piano.

I also very much enjoy Pärt's "Passio" performed by the Hilliard Ensemble on ECM 1370.
I would like to recommed the following for those who would like to explore Avro Pärt's repertoire:

(1)Alina Arvo Pärt. ECM New Series 1591 449 958-2: this is a sublime minimalist work of piano and violoncello/ violin. Time seems to stand still whilst listening to it....
(2) De Profundis Avro Pärt. Threatre of Voices, Paul Hillier. Harmonia Mundi France 907182. Some of the music repertoire in this disc can be found in various ECM New Series discs. So this can be regarded as a compilation! Again, breathtaking performance and musically arresting. Another must have disc!
(3) Sanctunary Avro Pärt. Virgin Classics 7243 5 45338 22. For those with a limited budget or wants to discover Avro Pärt, this disc is ideal. Very similar in repertoire to disc (2) but the performance and sonics is not in the same league I'm afraid. Some might disagree though.....
(4) Litany Avro Pärt. ECM New Series 1592 449 810-2. Orchestral / Choir work which turns out to be the most 'easily accessible' of all Pärt's work so far. Although I haven't heard the latest discs available on ECM New Series. Those who found the deep, deep melancholic atomsphere of previous Pärt's work can take a sign of relief.... but, hey, all thing are relative!
Good to see someone else who likes contemporary classical
music! I have Tabla Rosa by Gidon Kremer with the Kremerata
Baltica ensemble. It is on the Nonesuch label, 79582. Gidon's later version is a much better recording than his previous recording. For every Part recording that is available, go to
I concur with Rushton's and Tora's recommendations of Part on ECM - - wonderful recordings, all!
I particularly like the 'feel' of Te Deum on ECM (1505)-

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste : conductor