Audio Alchemy DDE 1.0 PS, what is radio shack ver?

I have a brand new Old stock Audio Alchemy DDE 1.0 digital to analog converter that I was thinking of using for a music server out of my Cisco music bridge (d/a section is really really bad and the AA was sitting in the closet in original box for years), but it did not come with a standard power supply.

Does anyone know what Radio Shack power supply to buy? I tried a variable 3v to 12v AC to DC 1amp and it did not work (sound but distorted). I just got the 12v AC to DC 1.5amp and it still sound distorted.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

You must have a + AND - supply. that's why the stereo mini plug. +, -, and ground. My supply is 12volt DC + - and ground.The radio shack ones I familiar with are only +and ground.I'm guessing the distortion is because of this.

@cadet1 is correct. The DDE 1.0 needs a DC power supply with positive, negative and ground leads put through a traditional 1/8” headphone plug. The original power feed is a Power Station ONE. It is a +|- 14VDC unregulated at 400 ma. A Power Staion 2 can also be used with Audio Alchemy cable #2. Cable #3 may also work but the voltage may be too low at +|- 8vdc. When using these units please ensure the headphone jack power supply feed is plugged into the unit before plugging the unit into your wall “main” outlet. Why? If not, a pretty blue spark or 2 will follow.