Audiomeca Mephisto II power cable

I am searching (just completing my system) for a power cord for my Mephisto II cd player. The problem is that this player is very eccentric on power cords. My other components like Virtual dynamics power cords. But the cd does not. I use now Kimber Pk14. Other cables I tried included : Audience, Cardas (all - very slow and boring sound), Symponic line, VD, Nbs stinger, Fisch, Nordost, VDhull, Nirvana (the best so far but a litle slow), xlo (cheaper), ultralink and far Kimber Pk14 is staying but I know there are other better power cables out there. I am planning to test Siltech spx30. My other cables are SIltech IC's and NBS speaker.
I would like a pc with the speed of VD, or Nordost with the extended highs of a very good silver not "booming" or overcharchging the player and with naturalness of Nirvana and Virtual Dynamics and deep controlled bass of Nirvana also.
Sorry to ask so much but I know what I want and this player is eccentric and seems that does not like big "snaky" cords.
Any help will do, but have in mind I don't want to spend more than 700-800 $
I don't have the Mephisto, but I do have the Enkianthus X2 dac and the Mephisto 2 transport. The best cord I have found for them is the Moray James power cord.
I use for my Mephisto II.x/system not only Siltech IC (sign. 5)and speakercable (sign. 6) but also ruby hill powercables.
I'm very pleased with the synergy of the Siltech "system" working together with the AMM.
In the past I used Siltech spx 20, but I didn't found it much of an improvement in it's price-segment (vdH mainstream did a better job fi)
My too, after triing many cable I settled for a vandenhul mainstream, on my mephisto II and one other on my Enkianthus X.

Before VDH, I was using Cardas golden reference but after a a couple of months found that the instrument were too large, not enough focus not realistic.
I used the Michael Wolff Source cord on my Mephisto IIX and it seemed to like it right fine :)
Thanks guys for the info.
Edzard I was thinking of ruby hill too, but it's difficult to find it and test it.

I also can not find Wolff and Moery James cables in my area.

Other Mephisto II iusers ?
I also can not find Wolff and Moery James cables in my area.

Michael Wolff sells factory direct
For Moray James you have to email him at

He sells direct. These are very good power cords but not for everyone. They are subtle and do not create dramatic shifts in your system. If you rely on power cords as tone controls, the Moray James will not help you.

Sonically, I'd have to say the Moray James PC's lean closer to the more open & transparent side of neutral. They are not dark and colored like other popular choices for digital equipment.

I'd say that if you have a fairly well balanced system or one which leans toward ever-so-slightly warm, the Moray James could be a good choice.

When I had a Mephisto II, I liked the Shunyata King Cobra - but I have learned a lot since then.

One of the best digital power solutions I've used was a Electraglide Ultra Khan (original older stiff version - not the new ones) coming out of the wall and terminating in an unfiltered power strip (like the PS Audio Juice Bar) then an Elrod EPS 2S power cord running from the power strip to the digital source.

In this situation, the Ultra Khan corrected much of the Elrod harshness and made for a very, very impressive sounding source component. Very dimensional, utterly realistic timbre.
I found the Siltech SPX30 MkII G5 just fine (near excellent) for my Mephisto II, it's a keeper !
Of course the journey does not stop, I can only imagine what the Ruby Hill can do !!