Audiophile Switch with Clock?

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Very thankful for all the knowledge and support here so thank you in advance for your input.

I have ATT Fibre internet connected to a Nuc via Ethernet cable. The ATT modem/router is about a  10’ run to the Nuc.

ive been trying to educate myself on the value of adding an audiophile swtich with a clock, but have not been able to find my specific situation (using Fibre) discussed. Maybe I missed it.

Either way, what say you? Given my current setup listed in my profile, would adding  such a device yield an audible improvement?

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i would say yes, it is worth a try... by the equipment listed you seem to have a high resolution system

Audiophile Ethernet switches are a waste of money.

There’s no logical reason why swapping one Ethernet switch for another would make a sonic difference. Think about it - if there was a difference, that means the data (and by that I mean only the bits that were part of the data payload, not the address headers, etc.) would somehow have changed between your AT&T router and the NUC.

Let’s put it another way - if you’re streaming music, the network packets will make their way through multiple routers and switches to reach your local network. If networking equipment altered data and digital signals were fragile, how could we have reliable transmission of any information at all?

See "It’s time for some hard truth"

“would adding such a device yield an audible improvement?”

The only sure way to know is by auditioning one in your system. You do have a very nice system to decipher subtle changes from tweaks like Ethernet switch and/or passive noise filters. I recommend connecting your NUC and Lumin through a switch like LHY SW-8 and further adding a Network Acoustic ENO filter in-between switch and Lumin.

Please ignore the close minded folks!



Please ignore the close minded folks!

In other words - please ignore the sane voices in the hobby!

I appreciate the input. All these items have a return policy. It’s simple enough to plug them in and give them a try - no harm no foul if no improvement.

In other words - please ignore the sane voices in the hobby!

In other words, please ignore the people who are not speaking from actual experience.