Audiophile Terms?? I need a dictonary

Im new to this thing and have been reading reviews and some of the terminology has me a little confused, Like what does "transparent" mean? How about "coherent", "liquid", "colored" Has someone written a book on this or do people just make up words to try and describe the sound they are hearing? "seamless", Heres a good one.. "musical" I'm not sure I get that one. Help
See JGH's audiophile glossary:
You might also find it helpful to buy Robert Harley's book titled "A Guide to High End Audio" (or very close to that). It costs about $15 from Lots of good info, plus explanations of audio terms. An excellent book for those relatively new to high end audio and video.
A few examples may make some of those terms a bit more clear....

Transparent: The motivations of certain manufacturers of magic tweaks and audio accessories promising a little slice of Nirvana, while delivering a desert lot on a Nevada nuclear test site.

Coherent: Think of one of Dub'ya's speeches, or perhaps this administration's foreign policy......well, it's the exact opposite of that!

Liquid: The state of your assets BEFORE you got into this crazy hobby. Remember that folks?

Colored: A descriptor characterizing the editorial policies of certain Audiophile mainstream journals in reviewing products which advertise within their pages.

Seamless: A characteristic recorded music takes on after three Margarita's. Usually it's just a seamless bass line. Often it continues after the music has stopped playing.

Musicality: Sheeeeeoooooot, you got me Chris, I have no idea on that one!

Hope that helps!

Go to, click on audio information, click on audio glossary. Have fun!