Audiophiles get NO respect

This is not a new observation but it still hurts. Here's an excerpt from an article in the latest GQ (Jan, p. 188) on the problem with overly loud cd mastering:

"There's a lot of stuff written about CD mastering that ventures into the realm of the audiophile, where squabbles over coaxial cables and sub pre-outs are conducted by the kind of men you suspect may never have seen a lady naked, or at least not in the flesh."

Ouch! LOL!!
"Hey, he said "Naked"! he-he-he!

(Picture Beavis and Butthead while repeating that line!)

You read GQ?

HUH HUH, HUH HUH, (see above)

but, to be serious, the GQ writer sounds like his head is filled with cement
I like to know how many ladies this writer is interested in seeing naked...most likely "NONE". That's why he works at GQ...LOL
If you have been to an Audio show you would know the guy is right far too often, while there are many many intelligent well adjusted looking folks there you will also see some pretty nerdy looking spaz's too! Not only are these folks not blessed with good looks or wardrobe skills they also lack social skills so you bet there are some that may never see a naked women........unless their mom doesnt close the bathroom door during a shower! :)
GQ lost it's compass a long time ago. 'Trash talk' is about all that's left in that rag!
That sounds just like the quote in the December issue of Stereophile (p 69)

"There's a lot of stuff written in GQ magazine that ventures into the realm of the metrosexual, where squabbles over mens facial cream and perfumes are conducted by the kind of men you suspect may never have seen a lady naked, or at least not in the flesh.
Shadorne: this is truly great! (damn, I gotto cancel my GQ/Esquire/Men's Vogue subscriptions)
I see naked ladies all the time, via Satellite and the audio is not so good so I only turn on one of my McIntosh 2102 amps with the latest NOS tubes with it all going HDMI to my NEC Plasma and the picture is full High Definition.

What's Audio got to do with it... when they are using so terrible original mics,etc.

I humbly disclose that since the age of about 16, I always used impressive audio gear and good music to pull chicks, including my now wife who is tall, thin, good humored, well educated, and strikingly beautiful.

In particular, planar speakers were always good for this.
I am not sure what this nerd is talking about.I've been interested in audio since 14 years old,have had enough girlfriends ,and now I am happy married to my lovely gorgeous wife.Is that guy a closet queer?
Maybe its just an example of someone who isn't interested in listening to music, having said that, does the same apply to other people, or anything else besides his writings
What are you doing readin GQ anyway, are you some kind of weirdo. Read a real man's magazine like Penthouse or Playboy.
I am quite perplexed as to the type of man he describes. All my audiophile friends have beautiful women to sit next to when they listen to music, sip wine, and listen to music before making more music.....Perhaps GQ should stand for "General Quackery" I don't expect to see him at the Olympic Gardens next year at CES..........
Listen I have been a phile for a while . When in college I had women whose abitilies have never been equalled . I swear but as long as you had a cool stereo that was all.
Now I mam married to a screaming harpe **** monster from hell who really appreciates music.
My systems are the best ever but the---is the worst.
Have you seen some of the listening rooms on this site? Some of these aren't far removed from the "gimp basement' in Pulp Fiction. I love it when you see a $20,000 amp in a $400 a month 10x10 apartment with no furniture.
A metrosexual is a guy who cares about his clothing along with his looks and who is not GAY.
Okay guys. Lots of talk about beautiful wifes. Let's post some pics. Ask your lovely to pose by your rig, then post a pic on you "system" site. I bet I'm not the only one with a hotty of a wife. Might be fun!!!!!!!
the term metrosexual started on South Park (I think) and actually makes (some) sense - though specifics are sketchy - just another term to stereotype people
Hey what about some of the ladies here on the Gon showing off their Hottie hubbies...that would put to sleep the idea that where all nerds.Maybe Audiogonn can hold a beauty contest among us and the best looking wife and husband team can share in a prize such as a "GOLDMUND REFERENCE TT"...hey Audiogon are you listening.
even many ugly people think they are hot and love is blind, so careful what you wish for!
01-30-09: Slikric3000
What are you doing readin GQ anyway, are you some kind of weirdo. Read a real man's magazine like Penthouse or Playboy.

Playboy and Penthouse real men's mags, I don't think so. Especially when there's "Military Modeler".
Real audiophile men put a coax cable on the door knob, if 'otherwise engaged' in their dorm rooms, instead of a non audiophile putting a scarf or necktie...
2chnlben, I see you posted your pic; it looks like you're married to a real dog. From the pics, not too attactive. You could've done better, or maybe not? ;)
Roco not attractive?? What, are you guys blind! He's the Dude...the main man. That and he's the only one who's always happy to see me when I come home at the end of the day. Regarding the posting of wifey pics...I see guys here on the Gon post pics of their cars, motorcycles, houses, pets, etc....personally, I have always preferred beautiful women more than (most) material things. Didn't mean to hit a nerve with some of you...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did see a famous audiophile writer at a meeting once. His dress code could only be described as "Hawaiian Tourist Nightmare" shorts and all, he looked like something Godzilla picked up on the shore, chewed and spit out. I could barely follow his elegant and decorous speaking about audio because of the way he looked, and fashion is not my thing. He looked like he had been released from a Cuban jail in somebody else's clothes.
Yes, I agree, many audiophiles do not know how to dress. That is why I am developing a line of audiophile tee shirts. We will cover the tube heads, the vinyl spinners, the solid state, and even the Server people...Are you being Served? Hell, I even have a design for the WAF phile.
This is serious stuff. Coming to a hi-end audio outlet soon.