Audioquest Dragon power cable.

Basically to all that own the AQ Dragon power cords. I recently bought the AQ Dragon Source PC for my Audio Research Ref 9 CDP. I loved it so much that I want to buy another one for my Audio Research Ref 6SE pre amp. I just am a little confused of which one to buy. Either the source or the HC. What would give me the best sound for my ARC Ref 6 se. It is also a 20a c19. I did contact Audio Research and they said I didn’t need the HC for the Ref 6 se preamp. I also was using the Shunyata sigma HC PC for the Ref6 se but want your opinions on this AQ Dragon PC. Thanks. 

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Hope this helps. The Dragon power cable is a little too rich for my blood. But, similarly, I just recently switched my Audioquest Hurricane, high current, 15 amp, power cable from my integrated amp to my DAC, and all I can tell you is this, "the Hurricane ain’t goin nowhere!!!" My system has never sounded better. The Hurricane supercharged my DAC and elevated the sound quality of my system to a totally new dimension.  I moved the $4000 power cable (different brand) that was previously on my DAC to my integrated amp and miraculously everything synergized together beautifully.  

@tattooedtrackman the HC version. Without a doubt. The Ref6SE with its pretty hefty power supply and tubes can benefit from a larger gauge power cable.

@audphile1  Since I haven’t heard a reply for a few days so I just bought the AQ Dragon 20a source PC for the ARC Ref 6SE. I also contacted my ARC dealer and he also said to use the AQ Dragon source 20a PC. So with that said between with ARC said and my ARC dealer said I’m sure that is the right PC to use. My next PC upgrades will be for my ARC Ref 750s amps and I will be replacing my 2 Shunyata King cobra’s to the AQ Dragon HC PCs. 

@tattooedtrackman cool. However, and I don’t mean to undermine your decision, the Ref6SE consumes 130w. That’s quite a bit. Most solid state amps consume less power. In example, Simaudio Moon 861 top of their line 300w/ch amplifier ($22,000) consumes 85w. My Pass amps due to Class A bias consume 370w.

If it was me, I would put a high current Dragon on the Ref6SE. The source will work too…but…

Here’s the data from ARC


100-135VAC 60Hz (200-250VAC 50/60Hz) 130 watts.  Standby: 2 watts.

@audphile1  Thank you for that information. I’m sure both would be fine and both phenomenal PC upgrades. 

@audphile1 I do too lol. I’m surprised that I even called ARC and my dealer up. Normally I woulda just bought the HC PC but did want their opinions. And I know they both know a lot more than me. lol. 

@kennymacc  That sounds awesome about the HC Hurricane for your dac. Question though. When u said that the Dragon was a little too rich for your blood. Meaning what. Money ? Or to rich sounding?  Also u said u replaced a 4k PC. Do u mind saying what that was ? 

@kennymacc Also I can not comment on the Hurricane as I have not even heard it. But from what I did read was that the Dragon PCs are in total different league. 

@tattooedtrackman Yes, I went a little off subject here (Dragon power cable HC vs source) by using my still quiet excellent Hurricane HC ("Copper") to put in my little two cents into the conversation in regards to how I found it be perfectly acceptable to use a high current on a source component. Thant’s all. And, also....I meant that the Dragon was too rich for my blood in a monetary manner. Also, the 4K power cable that was on my DAC before being switched out for the Hurricane was the absolutely incredible JPS Labs Aluminata power cable. I put the Aluminata on my amp, and, "Voila," Magic!!!  No attempt to compare the Hurricane to Dragon.  Sorry for the confusion.  Happy listening.

@audiophile1/ghdprentice   I purchased the JPS Labs Aluminata power cable preowned off US Audio Mart at a substantial discount (I never, ever pay retail).  I do believe that the Aluminata retails for about $6000 for a 1 meter, and I'm just loving it on my Hegel H590 integrated amp.  Happy listening.    


How are you liking the ARC Ref9 cd player?


Happy Listening!

@jafant   I’m loving it. It’s a phenomenal CDP. And with that AQ Dragon source PC even brings it to totally another level. 

Nobody has the right answer because it’s system dependent but I tested HC cables on my Pre Ref6SE (never audio quest) and the richness at the beginning fooled me thinking it was a better sound but with time I realize that it brings way more detail and power but also more brightness. 
It’s important to mention that at that time I was only listening to digital music. Things could be different with Vinyl. 
These days I stick to the cable manufacturer recommendations in regardless of HR or S

If you have curiosity I recommend you to experience it yourself 

hope it helps 

good luck 

@kennymacc that makes sense, for integrated it’s a different story. They usually was more sensitive to power cables   

@jafant Here’s a list of my gear:

Revel Salon 2 Speakers, Hegel H590 integrated amp (my room is not large so powerful integrated is perfect to drive speakers), Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty DAC, Roon Nucleus Plus Server, Pakedge Audio Switch, Audioquest Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner, Audioquest Hurricane HC on my Niagara 3000, Audioquest Hurricae HC on my DAC, JPS Labs Aluminata on my integrated amp, JPS Labs Superconductor 3 Speaker Cables (been using these for over 15 years and still counting), 2xShunyata Research Sigma Ethernet Cables. I also have various Tweaks throughout my system. As presently configured, my system performs at such a high level of proficiency, I just can’t see making any changes to it for the foreseeable future. Happy Listening!


I put the HC Dragon power cable on my preamp and absolutely love it! I borrowed one for a month and took it off for several months. I realized the rig didn't sound as great without it so I bought one. I'm very satisfied. 

@dave777tx @vuch   I bought the AQ Dragon 20a  source PC for my Ref 6SE Waiting for it to get delivered. I also have one for my Ref 9 CDP. Absolutely love it on there. I will be next getting 2 > HC AQ  Dragons for my ARC Ref 750 mono blocks. Right now I am using 2> Shunyata King Cobras. Those will up for sale soon.