HDMI Audioquest vs Bluejean

I am setting up a HT space and am looking at these two companies . I have used analog Bluejean cables and find them to be a good product . A certain HT installer uses Audioquest exclusively and recommends the Forest .

I've been through the archives here and most everything has a few years on it ! I was kind of thinking that maybe there has been some new thinking and/or technology , especially with the advent of 4K technology .

I will need two HDMI cables ran in the walls and attic for about 25' to 30'. Does it make sense to spend about twice as much for the Audioquest Forest as opposed to the Bluejean Series 1 bonded pair ?
Does anyone have experience with these two companies' HDMI offerings ?

Thank You
We use the PS Audio silver HDMI cables in our Meridian 800, 861v6 and HD621 set up.
We ran a 40' HDMI cable to our JVC projector. I felt it too expensive to use a high end cable, so I tried Monoprice RedMere active high speed HDMI cables. The 40' cable was ~ $60. Try it - it's great, especially for the price!
I was pressured into buying AQ HDMI cables when upgrading my TV. Absolutely no sound difference between the $200 Audioquest cable and the $29 Bluejeans cable when used in my 5.1 HT system.
I have experience with the Blue Jeans product and Audioquest's Chocolate which is two steps up from the Forest. I will second Tjassoc's recommendation of the Monoprice RedMere cable which I prefer to those two.
I use Wireworld Starlight in my primary system which I prefer over the RedMere, but not by as much as the huge difference in price might suggest.
I have installed about a dozen RedMere's into relatives and freinds systems with great results. I gifted all of them as they are really inexpensive in short lengths.
Thank you for all of your contributions .

Ferdjaboko ;
How did you think that the Bluejean compared to the AQ Chocolate ?

The Redmere looks like a great product , in theory .
The problem that I have with the Redmere product is its active circuitry .It is quite unlikely that a wire will fail over time . But the 'electronic chip' in the active circuit is a different story .
Because I require a long term product ... I am not sure that a chip will be that . Also , I live in the lightening capital of the country and wonder how that chip would survive a power surge that would not affect the wire itself .
I am impressed though with the idea behind the product !
Thank you and keep them coming please .
BlueJeans is not an audiophile company...they are a very good cable company. They don't advocate for sound differences in cables, though their cables are good (though not audiophile grade). If you just need to connect things with good cable, you can't go wrong with Bluejeans. If you are interested in knickpicking sound....look elsewhere.
Monoprice's Redmere HDMI cables are warranted for life.

I've installed cables for ocean front property customers that have been in use for 2 seasons now. Significant storm activity occurs there - their systems are surge protected.

Unless you system takes a near direct hit, electrical energy isn't getting into your HDMI cable - and if it does, the HDMI cable will be the least of your concerns.

there is nothing wrong w/ AQ nor BJ cables/cords. When it comes down to HDMI, I would be remiss, if I did not mention Wireworld. Prior to buying anything, check out the Silver Starlight 5 or 6 series. Simply put, this is the best HDMI in the market place. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Jafant ;
Thanks for the suggestion , I have read many good things about Wireworld cables . Unfortunately , two 10 meter chords are out of my price range .
I have Wireworld HDMI cables ....had BlueJeans...the difference (and the cost , I know) is enormous.
Stringreen ;
Thanks for your input , quite useful .
I think that Bluejeans is out of the running .

Does anything else beat Audioquest Forest within its price range of about $275 for a 10 meter cable ? I will need two .

Thank you
Check out the Apollo AV Lightning v.2 HDMI cable. Flat cable design with 5% silver content. I don't know if it bests the WW cables but it is better than any other cable I have tried. Price is $49.95 for 1 meter. I don't have any connection with Apollo AV; just a very satisfied customer,
I have a Bluejean and an Audioquest Vodka.

The Bluejean is great for 5 bucks or whatever, but Vodka is in a different league. However, like audio cables, the Vodka is more revealing than the Bluejean. Which is not always a good thing...

For me, the difference is I notice that some older movies that I thought had great FX quality (with Bluejean and Monster) now look like studio sets/props (when viewed with the Vodka). New movies looks great, though.
That is interesting Mjmch , no one else has mentioned the video quality of the AQ cables . Good to know .
I have decided to try the AQ Forest cables .

Thank you to all who responded .

A year later...here is what has transpired .

I purchased the AQ Forest HDMI cables . I don't have anything to compare them to but they work just fine . These cables seem to be constructed very well .The ends are solidly affixed to the cable and the plugs fit securely . They are easy to connect and disconnect but don't dislodge accidently . There were no problems stringing these through the wall and ceiling cavities . They are rated for in-wall use also . Many others made no claims about this feature .

Now something that I had not considered , HDMI cables carry a small amount of current which makes them susceptible to electrical overload ! As I live in the lightening capital of the country , it is a problem . I learned the hard way with my other TV's HDMI cable getting fried when a surge came through the cable line ! Nothing else was damaged , just the HDMI cable .

So now I use a Composite cable during the rainy season for cable TV viewing !With no 4K TV viewing available here , these old eyes don't notice a great difference in picture quality !

Thanks again to all of you for your help .

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