Your say - AudioQuest DBS system

I have not read comments on this site about the DBS battery systems on their recent products. While on other sites it has been very controversial. I would like to know from reader who has heard these products to share their findings.
I put in my sistem Audioquest Sky DBS two months ago.
He need a mich break in to sound OK. At the first the sound is bright,without bass....Now, the sound is gorgeous, a bit laid back like oll Audioquest.
They need break in
They need break in? The whole idea of DBS is to ELIMINATE the breakin period by keeping the cable dielectric "primed".

The simple solution to the OP's question is to compare the King Cobra and Jaguar. They are the exact same cable, except the Jaguar adds DBS...and doubles the price.
I gave Jaguar a try recently. Returned it. Not good in my system, too laid back, very thin sounding. As for DBS, I found the cable to sound best EVERY time after about 2 hours of playing time. Not the case with Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II interconnects I got, which sound good any time I turn my stereo on. I think the letter D in front of BS is extra. Just my take. To me it didn't make any difference.
I owned top of the line AudioQuest cables before and after the DBS update, and I can say that in my system, for my taste, the DBS cables are worth the extra money.
The improvement that I noticed was mainly in hearing low level detail, which goes hand in hand with a "blacker background".
I think the low level detail was revealed by a slight reduction in the cable distortion.
I found them to be a significant improvement in my system, and I would not go back.

If you go to AudioAsylum ( I did a review on teh Jaguars compared the King Cobras. I beleive that the DBS system gives the cable a blacker background. Also in my review I noted that the music seemed louder with the Jag compared to the KC. Some other have also noted the same experiece. I think its because of the blacker background. I have the Jags and the CV-6 BI-Wired with the DBS. I believe that the DBS makes an improvement. In my system comprimised of Jolida and B&W they make a great match and are the best cables I have had in my system to date.
Thank you guys for the in-put.
I have saved eonough and will be buying the Sky soon and I will experiment with the DBS to see if I can hear the difference.
Catch up with you guys later.
I was quite enamored of the DBS system when it first came out (available used on Agon). I put my whole system on DBS; couple pairs of CV-6, a set of Mount Blanc, interconnects like Jaguar, Cheetah, etc. I heard differences when adding dbs packs, but not changes in nature of the sound. Similar to upping the wattage on an amp by same manufacturer. Nice, but not wholesale change.
Long story short, it was nice, but then I tried Harmonic Technology power cable and was amazed at what it did. Got some H. Tech speaker cables and interconnects. FAR more three dimensional in my system. Made all the dbs sound dark in comparison. Changed over whole system to them. I've never missed the dbs system, nor the messing around with battery packs.
In my system, I've tried the braided oval cables too, what were they, Kimber? Also tried I think they're called "Custom House" silver braided cables. Wasn't impressed with any of them.
I heard that Acoustic Zen was similar to H. Tech in that they're "single crystal" copper. I tried one for center channel and it does seem to be the same stuff.
Yes Douglas, I have tried the H. Tech silver and it sounded more lively and brighter than the Sky that I had finally decided on buying. It is system dependent.
The sky and Gryphon reference that I have are more refine cables.
Interestingly, the SKY does need to run-in! It is just like other brand new cables that I had own. The sound was very dull fresh out of the box. It is quicker to settle than other new cables though.
compared non dbs volcano to dbs monte blanc speaker cables...
the non dbs volcano's smoked them...
Mikesinger - that is now suprise, since the Volcano is higher in the AQ range (it is actually AQ most expensive copper SC).

Try any of the AQ silver cables, and you will never look back.