Audioquest source AC Hurricane vs FireBird

Anyone know if the FireBird is going away in the AC cable lineup?  Seems like the new series is called Storm but FireBird is still in this series.....

Wondering the differences between FireBird and Hurricane for source components.


I have no direct experience… well other than owning a Hurricane power cord. But the word on the street is that the storm class products are a significant advancement.

I’ve not heard the Firebird. I did own two AQ Hurricane cords. One was feedings the power conditioner that had a DAC and a Preamp plugged into it. Second cord was on the amp. I did try it on DAC and on a preamp as well.
In my opinion it’s a great power cord for the system that has a slightly cooler and leaner balance. Hurricane is dynamic and has a good degree of warmth but unfortunately has a fat and bloated, although very textured bass. It did two tours of duty in my system but as an end result I sold it. There’s a lot to love about the AQ H power cords and in the right system they will be superb.
Try it and see how it behaves. It’s all about synergy.

The Hurricane is the sweet spot in Audioquest's lineup. I was advised directly by a dealer that the Firebird is an incremental increase but not worth the money. The Dragon is a different story, though.

The Hurricane is the sweet spot in Audioquest's lineup. I was advised directly by a dealer that the Firebird is an incremental increase but not worth the money. The Dragon is a different story, though.

Yes, the Dragon is a very different story. End game cable. Immediate elevated SQ.

Reduce costs by buying 1M lengths, Audioquest will verify authenticity at no charge for used cables.

They'll even make 1M cables from 2M or longer cables.

I can't endorse other AQ products but the Dragon PCs are exceptional, nothing subtle about the improvements they bring, especially on power amps.

NB. You MUST use the High-Current version on power amps.


I've got high-current Dragon on my amplifier.  Just wasn't sure if the Dragon is needed for the source equipment?

@chauncey If your budget will stretch to using Dragons on all your major components, I would certainly recommend that you do so.

I have, besides my power amp, I have Dragons on my pre-amp and server/streamer.

Getting a Dragon for my DAC next but I'm extraordinarily happy with the sound I have now.

I’m contemplating Audioquest Dragon and/or top line Voodoo Cables as my final PC upgrade.  Looking at the increased amount of silver between the speaker cables Firebird vs Dragon , I’m guessing that the power cables also have significantly more silver. I’ll probably try both to scratch the curiosity itch.

I like buying used to save significant $, but one must be very careful of knockoffs especially imitating the popular Audioquest brand. I’m guessing the best way to verify used cable authentications is documentation and/or a seller’s/dealer’s reputation.

Regarding cables (interconnects, power, speakers). I’m very pleased that PCs generally are the lowest costing cables but may give the highest sonic upticks.

@lordmelton oh man!  So my preamp right now is passive so the power is not involved with the audio signal path.  And I'm looking at upgrading my DAC.  But good to know I guess I'll start planning for some more Dragons!

@kennyc The Dragon ICs and speaker cables are out of my budget at this time but a 1M used Dragon PC is quite reasonable and AQ will verify for free.

The Dragon PCs are solid silver which is very highly polished. Yes, you are right a quality PC on your power amp will give the biggest reward in SQ. I haven't heard the Voodoo PCs but I doubt they can rival the Dragons.

@chauncey Yes, the most important PCs are on the Power and Pre-Amp but the improvements are incremental across the board.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you use SR Purple fuses and a Master fuse, if you don't already. I use my Master fuse on my power conditioner.

@lordmelton oh man I didn't think about fuses.  I don't see a fuse in my Isotek Titan v5 but my momentum S250 amp has a 10amp slow blow.

@lordmelton I'm in the same boat.  The Dragons PCs are reachable budgetwise, but the ICs and SC are not.  ICs I've settled on the newer Siltech Classic Legend.  SC I have used Tara but am contemplating what the next upgrade will be likely in silver Albedo or AQ William.

Fuses - there's another rabbit hole.  I was going to go with SR fuses until discovering QRA fuses which are seemingly priced to gauge like their outlets - which is another rabbit hole (I'll probable stop at Furutech).

@chauncey SR recommends that you go up to the next highest fuse so you should get a 12.5A slow blow. However I’d check with D’Agostino first.

@kennyc Yes, spending about $50k for two pairs of ICs and a set of SCs is asking a bit much. My AQ dealer offered a home demo on the Dragon ICs last time a bought a Dragon PC. I politely declined.

If I was going to change my ICs, I’d probably give Sablon a try. I’ve heard good things about Townsend Fractal SCs.

QSA gear is very expensive, they have their own cable line now.

I’m very happy with a full loom of SR Purple and one Master Fuse.

FWIW in my system, power cables on the DAC and Pre Amp made the most difference.  That may be because my Pass Labs amp is already so good. After trying Audience, Shunyata and Audioquest PCs on it, the one that made the most difference was High Fidelity which seems to emphasize the XA25's strengths. 

For those who moved on from the AQ Hurricane, what do you have now?  I have AQ on most of my components but am wondering if that may be too much and whether another cable on my Bryston BDP-2 which I use to stream my be a good idea. 

I switched out my Audioquest Hurricane high current power cable from my integrated amp, where it was producing a little bit to much bass in my system, to my DAC and, WOOOOOOW!!!!