Audioquest Storm Series power cables

I have been reading about Audioquest storm series here at Agon since they were released unfortunately they are so expensive and never bother to take them seriously. I like their mid price ic and speakers cables especially their old model.This past weekend Music Direct has warehouse sales demo and returns, I spoke to the rep ask for a good deal for three pc 2 hurricane High current 1 meter , one 2 m tornado high current pc.Bless to have a good deal. Hurricane went to my Plinius amp, one hurricane pc  connected to my Ruby sacd player, tornado pc connected to my power conditioner, Indeed the musical impact did to both system is amazing , I will try to update after 50 hrs. 


There's a big performance difference between Venom and the Storm cables.  But, it's system dependent.  I did a personal shoot-out with about a dozen expensive power cables on my top of the line conrad-johnson mono-block power amplifiers.  I now use Hurricane.  On a more mid-fi rig you would be less likely to hear much change.

All this is about small differences that add up on more expensive equipment.

I have a dragon, on my amp, it cost as much as my amp but it was like getting a new amp, I also have a hurricane and a tornado with some Shunyata power cords too. All I can say is that my system sounds amazing. Not a fan boy if any brand but that does not mean I like a lot of them.

Recently did the same with 2 Hurricanes.  Just passed the 150 hr., and am beyond pleased. 

I love my Jelly Fish Hospital Grade green dot, but it doesn't cost enough for you to consider.

I have a SMC Audio GT 22 + with many,many upgrades ( Hence the +) but spend more and be happy!!!


That is interesting to hear. I have always thought this possible… I have probably gone up to 35% or so of the component and found it worth it. 

I’d really enjoy seeing your system. There is a place under your user ID to put it if you care to share.