Audioquest Storm Series power cables

I have been reading about Audioquest storm series here at Agon since they were released unfortunately they are so expensive and never bother to take them seriously. I like their mid price ic and speakers cables especially their old model.This past weekend Music Direct has warehouse sales demo and returns, I spoke to the rep ask for a good deal for three pc 2 hurricane High current 1 meter , one 2 m tornado high current pc.Bless to have a good deal. Hurricane went to my Plinius amp, one hurricane pc  connected to my Ruby sacd player, tornado pc connected to my power conditioner, Indeed the musical impact did to both system is amazing , I will try to update after 50 hrs. 


I have plenty of AQ cables but never tried their pc. I usually go Kimber on pc   Audience, Nordost And High Fidelity pc.

I have not been an Audio Quest fan in the past. But my dealer brought over a Hurricane for me to try versus several versions of Cardas I had. It was the largest improvement I have heard from a power cord. 

The difference was much larger than the difference between the Audio Research REF 160 monos and the Audio Research REF 160 stereo amp I currently am using.

I use an AQ storm series Thunder power cable. I've noticed my system seems quieter, with a more black back drop, also a small increase in dynamics. It is plugged into my sugden class A, the other end into the AQ Niagara 1200. 

Audioguy85 agree, I also notice the music does not collapse at the end of the sequence,more depth and inner bass detail.Tornado and hurricane complement each other as well.And this Cables are not even settled or burn in...

As some say, you are hearing the power supply...might as well feed it well....

From what I've heard you should always put your best cable on your power conditioner, first and foremost. I have a hurricane on my PS Audio P10 and it's fantastic. I've definitely been eyeing some Shunyatas to compare to my Thunder. Fun stuff. 

When I got my AudioQuest Niagara 1200 power conditioner I first tried both the AQ Blizzard and Monsoon power cables. I eventually settled on an AQ Thunder power cable because it really lowered the sonic floor of my system to the point where the background is inky black. 

     I’m such a believer in clean power now that I wish that I would’ve spent more on an even better power conditioner and power cable. 

the reason audioquest is so good is because they use OCC single Crystal as their wire but they overcharge like crazy, there's other companies like Harmonic technology and acoustic Zen that use the same OCC single crystal wire but at a more reasonable price.


I just looked at the Audioquest website and they use what they call PSC (perfect surface copper). They say it is better than occ copper. 

Nordost (what I have ) uses OFC through the entire line. I will get some OCC on trial to compare. 

I am one who has to hear the improvement before I believe it.  I replaced all power cords and power strip with Shunyata Venom series cables and I hear very little difference if any at all.  What's up with that?

Boxcarman some pc do make a difference, some it’s only a change in sound not improvement. I ve learned on my systems the better the pc the bigger the improvement. Many times in this hobby you get what you pay for.

Regarding Audioquest prices? Go to they do have some good prices there. If you buy used it’s much cheaper.

Ronboco, if you're going to get OCC single crystal wire get the rectangular wire made by neotech because nordost uses rectangular ofc.



Hmmm, interesting. I have tried a lot of power cords… The Shunyata Venom did nothing in my system as well. I am starting to detect a trend here.

Yes there is a Trend here.....a market engineered to cash grab from the gullible. If these idiots were making wire for NASA mankind would still be grounded with a pile of wire the size of the state of Texas for sale !! It takes time to move all that used S... cause you’ve first to "burn" it in for ever, how stupid ! Wire also takes on a personality of it’s own and that being different with all equipment...what crap ! Leave a straight 8’ length on the open floor you’ll find it coiled in the corner in the morning... Lol

Have a nice day watch your wallet enjoy the tunes.

Upgrading PC did nothing for me, however upgrading IC has made significant improvements. 


Now that’s not nice…I’ve enough, that with Selectively Acquired-high end gear and money to play, I’m happy. There has been A/B testing and opinions formed over the many years. What never changes is the distaste for BS…and it’s deep in audio !!


There's a big performance difference between Venom and the Storm cables.  But, it's system dependent.  I did a personal shoot-out with about a dozen expensive power cables on my top of the line conrad-johnson mono-block power amplifiers.  I now use Hurricane.  On a more mid-fi rig you would be less likely to hear much change.

All this is about small differences that add up on more expensive equipment.

I have a dragon, on my amp, it cost as much as my amp but it was like getting a new amp, I also have a hurricane and a tornado with some Shunyata power cords too. All I can say is that my system sounds amazing. Not a fan boy if any brand but that does not mean I like a lot of them.

Recently did the same with 2 Hurricanes.  Just passed the 150 hr., and am beyond pleased. 

I love my Jelly Fish Hospital Grade green dot, but it doesn't cost enough for you to consider.

I have a SMC Audio GT 22 + with many,many upgrades ( Hence the +) but spend more and be happy!!!


That is interesting to hear. I have always thought this possible… I have probably gone up to 35% or so of the component and found it worth it. 

I’d really enjoy seeing your system. There is a place under your user ID to put it if you care to share.

If enjoyed all the information anyone familiar with LFD cables or Triode labs cables.thanks

I think the Audioquest power cables are easy to burn in because of the batteries attach to them.Is that true?

The Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Power XL in combination with the V12 Amplifier yielded one of those unforgettable, you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me moments an audiophile never forgets! The XL was easily 25% more detailed, produced a blacker background, was smoother than my already smooth reference, and captured timbral realism beyond my ability to describe in English. Like the fictional Red Violin, maybe George has captured DNA and infused it into this power cord such that it reveals not just a great recording, but a great performance just a few feet in front of you. I had to remind myself, this was just a power cord change, not an additional super widget component. The resulting system improvement in realism and mellifluousness with just one Cardas Audio Clear Beyond Power XL was fantastic and unassailable”.
Love reading reviews such as this, almost poetic humour. And to think that came out of someone’s mouth.

Ozzy I decided to connect my hurricane to my eden pure space heater with the dedicate audio burn in adapter, 72 hours is required but maybe I will do only 48 hrs.


I'm not sure if plugging the power cord into a heater is much better than your audio system based on break in time. 


Reason why I plug on heater, Because my Marantz Ruby will not be able to burn this pc .I just happen to like it on Ruby.

Ozzy after 20 hrs of burn in, I can say the congestion is gone, It opens up , much quicker. It’s fleshing out music, bass and vocal are coming out nicely, So it works. 

I added Dragon power cords to my VAC 200iq’s and the difference was instantly startling! Sonic detritus that I wasn’t aware of was removed which afforded a quieter background and more natural/realistic sound, more space between instruments allowing me to hear deeper into the performance, bass is cleaner and more musical. I have become a Garth Powell fanboy!

Since I bought my storm series tornado and hurricane used they are now settled.i applied High Fidelity q45 , I was shocked how much improvement it did, vocal, bass, smoother, much more livelier and musical.

One thing I noticed on my Hurricanes is they have the tightest connectors on both sides I have ever experienced. This is likely a parameter they realized was important. Plugging in or unplugging is an ordeal. 

Ghdprentice yes they are tight, but the HF  q45 put the tornado and hurricane on onother level.

Try not to worry about 'having' to spend $$$$ on six feet of power cable.

It just conducts electricity and can make no difference to the sound.

Obviously the guys selling it will say it does

Once they say it, then the 'emperor's new clothes' syndrome invades right-thinking people's minds.

If you listen to them and think the sound is better, that is just expectation bias and the wish not to fail to hear what everyone else says they can.  FOBLO shall we say - fear of being left out.


While that may sound very intellectual and perhaps makes you feel superior to the rest of us… what you say is total nonsense. Many tens of thousands of audiophiles, with their feet… well, ears well grounds in reality can hear these obvious differences and improvements and own systems that demonstrate their knowledge.

Cables do make a difference. Interconnect and loudspeaker and power cables. What you HEAR depends on the components in your audio system and the overall synergy. And of your individual hearing capacity, of course. In my experience, „even“ power cords may drastically change the overall sound quality - if you like it is up to you. From time to time I get bitten by the urge for experimenting a bit, and my last „listening revelation“ happened when I tried different brands of power cables for my phono stage (MF Nu-Vista Vinyl). What I heard was from „no difference“ to the bypack cable (which is quite decent) up to „another world“. Unfortunately, the „best“ power cable was … the one with the highest price tag (1.5 m = 6‘000 USD). Insane but the bitter truth. So my quest continues.
N.B. If you test any components or cables be sure to do it on various days and take your time, because physical and mental state might play tricks on your listening condition. But you know that already.



I don't doubt cables in the signal path can and to make differences to what we hear.

I draw the line at 6 feet of passive mains cable at the end of the 10 miles or whatever of cable joining your system to the power station.  If the 6 foot of cable makes a difference, why not the 10 miles?

I think this is imagined rather than heard.  But each to his own.

If to you, you can be transported to 'another world' for a mere $6000, surely you would just spend out and be thankful.


1): signal path cables - yes, better EM shielding, better match to audio analog/digital path impedance, better connectors always helping me to reduce noise, and to flatten freq response. 

2): power cables - nope, clean, not oxidized over time, looking fresh, power cable' provided by manufacturer is fine, technically nothing can be improved. If cable is tool long, I cut cable and use professional grade plug. As for phono-pre or other separate's cable, you may use ferritic EM filter clamp to put on cable, which will reduce significantly AC power line. Good filter clamp reduces noise in original cable by 60dB or more (x1000 less noise), and it cost nut much, In many cases replacing aged wall outlet, and resistive fuses in the house AC power distribution is helping to reduce power drops. Try to avoid ground loop in hifi setup, if hum noise can be heard from speaker.