Audioquest thunder vs tornado HC powercords

Has any directly compared these two? I am talking about High current versions only here.
There are not too many reviews out there, I read that Garth Powell did do demos in shows going from standard powercord to Thunder, to Hurricane and to Dragon. Apparently with big difference between standard and Thunder, and between Thunder and Hurricane, less between the  Hurricane and Dragon...
But where does that leave the Tornado? I am wondering if it is a big step up from Thunder and close to Hurricane, or the other way around...
I did notice the difference in copper treatment used, going from LGC-PSC on Thunder, to PSC and PSC plus on Tornado and to only PSC plus in Hurricane. The price jump would suggest the Hurricane is a serious step above the others, putting the Tornado closer to Thunder...
Any hands (or better ears) on experience would be appreciated...
I have a Thunder and a Tornado. Not sure I could say I hear much of a difference between them. Both sound good and were within $150 of each other in the used market. Using one on source and one on the integrated.
@spinaker01  thx, are they both hc versions or source? Could you specify which set you use pls?
Blueskywalker they are both the high current versions. I figured that would allow the most flexibility for future applications
Nobody else heard these powercables? I thought they were very popular 🤔
@gdnrbob, so far no reply from John, maybe on holiday?
Swapped a Thunder HC for a Tornado HC on my Niagara 5000 which powers sources only.  It's better.....please insert all the usual adjectives. 
I forgot to add,
I own the Thunders, at Johnny's recommendation, but another Audiogon member, ctsooner, believes the Hurricane's are the best.- And, I respect his opinion- He, Johnny and I demoed the William Tell speaker cables, and though I am loathe to buy such an expensive cable, I have to admit they were unbelievable good.
Sorry, no experience with the Tornado's.
@gshepardbuster and gdnrbob, thx for the info... I am sure the Hurricanes are the best, but the step in price is really big from the Tornado, so I was wondering if they are really worth the diference from  the Tornado...
Having also spoken to a view guys about differences in high current cables - well there is obviously one but it's really a matter if the price premium is worth the added value. BTW also heard that Robin Hood and William Tell should be absolutely outstanding with price/performance ratio. Has anyone also heard them?
I have a Hurricane, Tornado and Blizzard.  Tornado is probably the sweet spot in my experience. 
What are your experiences in burn in time / performance? I got the HC Thunder for a few days. Compared to Monsoon immediate improvement - though it sounds somewhat unbalanced, harsh, stiff.