Auralex subdude

I ordered the Subdudes, placed them under my Tekton Pendragons (full range) and thought "oh yaaa". What I had thought was really good became soo, soooo much better. This could go on forever but really, it's only about the basics of good sound. And these basic platforms deliver.
What did the subdudes do for you sound? I am a great tweaker at heart and have enjoyed spiking weighting damping mounting my equipment and to be prefectly honest never really analyzed the effect it had on the sound . I just took everyone elses expected outcomes and assumed I would get the same. The only thing I really noticed was when I sucked the life out of my speakers by over damping their stands and weighted tops. I have no axe to grind on either side just curios, I almost bought those Subdudes myself.
i have subdudes under my sunfire hrs subs {2} on a suspended carpeted wood floor. great bass performance. i also had them under my 2 sunfire crm-2's on spikeed sunfire stands. one day i removed them form the monitors and a livliness and musical beauty returned to the sound. i then stated using the 2 subdudes for amp stands instead. i had read that one should avoid "exciting" the room floor and walls. but in my case the sunfire monitor speakers did not work well at all with the subdudes. any explanations for this? thanks
SubDudes don't do much for the speaker itself as much as they prevent compliant wood floors from contributing to the sound.
I've been using SubDudes for years with a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s controlled by an SMS-1 bass manager. In my application, the SubDudes eliminated a boominess and let extended LF be appreciated. That may have been before I installed the SMS-1, I just don't recall, but now both are in use, there is no boominess, and I'm not going to try the setup without the SubDudes, because the HGS-15s are very heavy. I'm leaving well enough alone.

I used the Gramma's under my last speakers because my wood floors were acting as a giant subwoofer. I would put my ear close to the floor 10 feet from my speakers and here bass coming from the floor, even with a huge Oriental rug in front of the speakers. The speakers were on the wood floor though.

They worked absolute wonders. I sold those speakers, gave a Gramma to my wannabe rock star brother in law (who loves it, especially for raised stages) and have one left that I'll probably sell. I bought mine at Guitar Center.
I choose the subdude because of the right fit for my speakers. The idea was a broad flat surface to provide the stability we all want but also the isolation. (Now here comes the coupling decoupling debate). So all in all I now have a large, heavy speaker with a solid foundation creating a much punchier, well defined bass. And let's be real.....I van slide, angle and adjust the position without issue. The 22 x 18 platform also looks great.
Hey Hotmail,Many speakers are designed with the cabinet's resonance as part of the equation.This is true with other components too.They can sound worse with footers or dampening materials.BTW love my crm2's also,great speakers!
thanks jtcf. how far into the room do you place the crm-2s. my room is 16 x 18 and i have mine 3 feet into the room with the subs 1 foot from the rear wall[not in the corners].i saw bob carver discussing 24 inches but that would be behind the parallel of the television.
Hotmail,my crm2's are also 3ft. out from the wall in my 16 x 16 1\2 room.The sub is aprox. 6 in. out from the wall behind and 2 1/2 ft. from the left sidewall.I found the ideal position by placing the sub on a kitchen chair in my usual sweet spot,playing low bass tracks and crawling around the room until I found the spot where the bass sounded best.My system is two channel so no need to "tune" it for super low bass special effects.I'm no expert on acoustics but have done enough reading about it to learn that bass waves are long,up to 30+ ft.If a bass wave hits the wall at it's peak it causes an emphasis at that frequency that is audible.All you can do is find the best possible position in your particular room where your problematic bass frequency hits the wall at a null.I think if I had two subs,I would place the first one in the best spot,then continue with the chair and crawling around with the second sub while both were playing.Hope this wasn't way more info. than you wanted!