Auralic Aries G1.1

I am using the Matrix Element S for wireless streaming to my Lampizator connected via AES. I would be very interested in feedback from those of you who have the Auralic Aries G1.1


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Hi there I have the Aries G1 but not the 1.1 chiming in nonetheless. I love the Aries it is super quiet and very reliable I run mine off wifi and no issues to speak of, just great sounding music. I also very much enjoy the LDS control app which is constantly being updated. I am running mine into a Yamamoto YDA-1 Dac I’m sure it would pair well with your Lampizator.

Also @tammyholt can you tell me how to post images on here? I used to be able to copy/paste them but that no longer works.

Thank you, jond.

I am glad to hear that wifi is working well. I like to keep it simple so I use Tidal Connect to control payback which I assume is compatible with the G1. 

@jond   I don't think you can post images.

I know you can post URL's.

Perhaps some other members could help.

Also take a look at this.

@letitbe1306 yes totally compatible with Tidal connect.


@tammyholt perhaps I am crazy I’ve been able to copy/paste images before. Also the process for images doesn’t seem to work for me. I just clicked the image icon and pasted my URL and nothing happened.




Like @jond, I have an Aries G1 and am quite pleased with it. It's solidly built and easy to use, without the fiddling of Pi-based streamers. I also appreciate the display, which (e.g.) shows the IP address upon boot up -- very useful when setting up the Web-based configuration. Also a nice feature is the ability to hook up a CD drive, thumb drive, or external hard drive via USB.

Whether you would notice a sonic difference from the Element S is another question. Matrix makes very good gear also, in my experience.

I would check with Auralic that the USB output is compatible with your DAC, as I've heard a few horror stories of damage to the Aries G1 from a few DACs. That may have been resolved in the G1.1 model, though.


@jond  Email me at with the URL you are trying to use and I'll answer you back on Monday. Thanks. :)   

That sounds like pure nonsense. I've used two G1's with over a dozen different DAC's in the last five years and never had or heard of a compatibility issue. Typical audio forum BS from users who can't read a manual. 

The only compatibility issues you may face is if the dac usb driver isn’t compatible with linux. Check with Lampizator for this. 
I had the G1 it was decent but I tried Lumin U1 Mini and preferred it over the G1 on sound quality alone. The UI on the Auralic is light years ahead of the Lumin though. The screen on the Auralic didn’t do much for me so I ended up shutting it off. Also had issues with network several times and required me to reboot the G1. Lumin is stable. I tried both streamers with Roon. The Auralic sounds better using its lightning DS software. Lumin sounds about the same with or without Roon. May be they addressed the software issues that caused network connectivity problems by now…don’t know. It’s been a couple of years without Aurelic in my system. 

Those who doubt what I said should look at the Auralic forum.

I have never had the problem myself and was surprised to read about it. But apparently, a small minority of DACs have something weird about the USB connection.


I, too, have the G1 with the PS mod. I really like the sound, the look and it's a well built piece. I've compared it with the Lumin and the Rose 150b and I sent them back. The app works very well on my ipad and I'm using the USB out to an Anthem STR Preamp (see virtual system)