Aurelic G2 or Aurender N10

I’m having some challenges in a 2nd system.  I was using a Bluesound Node 2 to stream Tidal and Spotify and pulling from files on a souped up Mac mini.  While convenient enough when working - I had networking/updating issues (between \the Bluesound and the Mac, something needed updating every time I got the the place.  And, the updates frequently caused connectivity/shared file/pointing problems that made it a frustrating experience because this is in a remote location with spotty internet connection and speed.  

So, I’m looking to get a different server in there and am considering two very different units.  The Aurelic G2 looks very intriguing and it looks like I might be able to use it successfully in a WiFi environment.  But, I’m not sure and would greatly appreciate any user experiences with Aurelic devices and the lightning DS app.  

I’m also considering setting up a router as a waypoint so that I can use Ethernet to connect an Aurender N10 server.  This isn’t my first choice from a network standpoint - which I won’t go into here (primarily because I’m using Hughesnet for internet and don’t have control over their provided router and that causes complications for the repeater, etc.).  In any case, it might be a solution and I have an Aurender N100H in another system that I’m pretty happy with.  

So, I’m looking for some wisdom or collective experience from this group.  Anybody have the G2 and have experience to share?  I’d appreciate feedback on sound quality and wireless stability/functionality.  And, anybody have experience comparing the Aurender N10 and Aurelic G2 for sound quality?  And, what about the lightning DS app?  Or, should I just run Roon over the top and not worry about that as I can run Roon core on my Mac Mini.

Or, should I just save my money and try a Node 2i and see if that’s a more reliable set up?  I wan’t enamoured with the Bluesound controller app.  But, I got comfortable enough with it.  Not Aurender conductor quality - but serviceable.

Thoughts are appreciated.

I forgot to mention that one of the significant downsides to the Aurender as a solution is the limitation of their app running on an iPad only (no phone versions).  When our adult children visit the place, they would like to be able to run the app on their phone to control the server.  I’d have to dedicate an iPad to the system.  A major inconvenience for all of them but me.  I hope Aurender fixes this soon.
Sorry I can't be much help, but the Auralic App will only run on Apple stuff also. If your visiting adult children have iPhones, then it should work, but no Android phones.
Can we add the Simaudio Mind 2 to the discussion? Anybody with any experience with that unit? Reliability, stability and sound?
three comments about aurender
1. N10 a beauty with awesome sonics given a good dac
2. super customer service and tech support
3. new ACS10 is an intriguing new all in one product being a high quality ripper server.
just an opinion
No comments on the g2 but I am using an Aries Mini and the wireless performance is near indistinguishable from wired. I have had zero dropouts or connection issues ever.
Now I also had a Bluesound Vault 2 which was hard wired only and did have a few issues connecting to the PC for library access now and again.
I always thought the Bluos app was pretty good myself. I honestly prefer it over the Apple only lightning app.
And the auralic and Aurender being Apple only AND not just any Apple but ios11 or higher is a real pain.
Good luck
thanks for the feedback.  This is helpful.  Interestingly, I’ve had two dealers of Aurelic try to steer me away.  I’m not sure either had actual experience with recent units, but I think the company didn’t treat the dealers well and that is filtering through as distrust of the products.  One also suggested the lighting app and WiFi was “buggy”.  That’s easy to believe given my experience with the Bluesound unit.  I think smaller companies have a hard time having the full engineering staff needed to develop these apps to work in the various environments in which they’ll be placed.  The one dealer also carries the Mind 2 which he thought would be a good fit. But, the MIND app gets poor reviews on the App Store.  So, now I’m wondering if I can figure out a way to get the Mac Mini to offer a cleaner, low jitter signal.  Experience suggests the servers are much better.  But, perhaps Steve N at Empirical can get me close.  Then I could run Tidal and Spotify off the Mac and pull from my library easily enough.  
May I recommend LUMIN? I think you'll find it delivers on what you're looking for in terms of setup and user experience.
@uberwaltz Hey man I didn't know you got a Mini! Good for you they are pretty hard to find as Auralic doesn't make them anymore. Sorry you don't like Lightning DS I find it to be a good app and fairly intuitive. I hope you get used to it. How do you like it soundwise versus the Vault?
Nekoaudio: thanks for the recommendation.  I considered the Lumin U1 but it requires an Ethernet connection like the Aurender - something I was hoping to avoid if I could. If I were to run an ethernet cable under the floor (hard in this place) to go that route, I’d probably go with the Aurender as it’s a known quantity to me both in terms of sound quality and in setup and user interface - and even though it’s limited to an apple Ipad to run the conductor app.  

Unfortunately, it would seem every potential solution has either serious compromises, or headaches I’d like to avoid.
@mgrif104 it can be a little annoying there is no built-in Wi-Fi, but for any unit that only accepts Ethernet, I recommend getting something like one of the latest AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express units, setting it up to join/extend your Wi-Fi network, and then running an Ethernet cable from it. No need to run an Ethernet cable under under the floor or perform any other sort of home construction work.
Running Tidal via Aurender N100H and RME ADI-2 DAC here in the house and I just picked up the Bluesound Pulse 2i Soundbar for my wife’s she-shack.

Running both locations on Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD with a Cradlepoint AER-1650 series on ATT LTE service. 30 - 40ms latency and with respectable up/down even out here in the hill country. Just couldn’t deal with HughesNet due to latency...

It works well...
ETA:  To clarify, the Aurender is ethernet into an 8-port POE switch that is back-hauled via Ubiquiti NanoBeam.  The 2i soundbar just jumps right on the AP...

@jond  if I keep my Aries Mini tucked up in its box will it accrue value? lol
if I keep my Aries Mini tucked up in its box will it accrue value? lol
Well it definitely is not going to lose any value!
Mcgreif, we have used all of these products with a wireless to wired bridge. These are inexpensive little boxes that enable you to use an ethernet enabled device on a wifi network.

Netgear makes a very good one it is about $60 bucks at Best Buy and it is easy to setup. Sometimes you can have issues with the Apple Airports with Verizon routers we have used this little guy in many homes and it usually works very well.

We sell the Lumin, Innuos, Aurender servers if you have any specifc  questions please let us know.

Dave and Troy
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@gawdbless lol I don't know but why keep it in the box it's great to listen to I run mine constantly! :)