Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2

Are these two a good match?
Brands like Accuphase ,Spectral and Pass Lab are to expensive for me at the moment.
When I think of Avalon Opus, Marantz amplification does not register... kind of like putting high end Pirelli tires on a Yugo.

What's your budget... and what's the size of your room?
Room is about 20`x13`.
Budget is limited, looking for a integrated amp., at this moment.
Nice size room. When you say your budget is limited... please define "limited".
PM-11s2 is a fantastic integrated, very under rated.

Find one used, a good value. Find one new, there is tough competition.
Used PM-11 or an Accuphase 4xx ,are about 2K , that`s my budget at the moment.
I know the Opus deserves better.
i would suggest "pdreher" has no clue as to the quality of the marantz pm-11,both in sound or constuction.an excellent choice.i own one,and have owned some of the supposed best.
I agree with Pdreher,garbage in /garbage out with that Marantz pm 11.I would suggest holding off and saving some cash,If going S.S Pass labs would be a nice choice,Ive owned a few ....but back when I had Avalons I ran Jadis tube gear with great success.
If you can swing an extra $400 to $500, try the Pathos Logos. It's a hybrid integrated that will allow you to tweak the sound to your liking with some tube rolling.... and they look great too. I've owned the Pathos TT and it was a nice sounding, well constructed piece.
the Pathos is a good suggestion.
But how reliable are Italian amps?
I`ve heard some horrible stories.

Pass Labs is to expensive at the moment.
Jadis are tubes ,never had tubes before.
My Pathos was trouble free for the time I had it. Suggest you make another post as to whether or not other Audiogoners have found the Pathos integrateds to be reliable.