Avalon Symbol with ceramic tweeter

Does the ceramic tweeter make a huge difference?
Can buy a symbol ,5 year old with ceramic tweeter upgrade or a 2 year old one with the original tweeter ,for the same price.
Which to choose?
Avalon will say offcourse that it`s a big upgrade.
I like to hear if it`s worth the price difference , about 1000usd for the tweeter upgrade.
Haven't heard the original Symbol, but the new ceramic tweeter in the new Symbols sounds really excellent.
"huge difference?" "worth the price difference"

Ctchen, those are pretty subjective questions and the fact that Avalon gives you the option suggests that people go in both directions for a multitude of diverse reasons that I'm sure you'll see reflected in forthcoming posts. One less subjective element, that might hold sway, is the quality of your upstream components. Many manufacturers offer signature and reference versions of a component. IMO, realizing the benefits of the advanced designs, in full measure, will frequently depend on the quality of associated equipment.