Loudspeakers with horn or ceramic tweeter?

Hello, I'm buying free-standing speakers, but I don't know if I should take speakers with a horn (Zingali) or with a ceramic tweeter (Gauder akustik) I am interested in your experiences. Now I have speakers with an AMT tweeter, I like the detailed sound, but I have no experience with horns, but they tempt me. The amplifier is an integrated hybrid 120W / 8 ohm.

Thank you.


You can’t just say you have AMT’s and compare them to a random ceramic.

We could, maybe, talk general tradeoffs among the very best of each. Horns may ignore the room and offer exceptional imaging, exceptional dynamic range and relatively easy loads. Great matches for modest amps in troublesome rooms.

In terms of the very best AMT’s and best ceramics, I have never heard a true ceramic driver I could fall in love with.

Now, are the speakers you are listening to anything like my general impressions? I have no idea, so you absolutely must listen.

@ortodox ,

Only your ears will tell you what sounds best.

I know listening at dealers is difficult these days, but you should make an effort to try and listen there or at least see if you can get an in home demo.


You need to listen for yourself of course. I auditioned a large set of Zingalis years ago, and they were very smooth and non aggressive. I liked them, but I believe they stopped being sold in this country years ago.

I have never heard a ceramic tweeter but have owned speakers with beryllium and switched over to horns and I don’t see my self going back to box speakers anytime soon.

the horns add so much dynamics and just sound more real because of it.  

Ok so I have (like most of us) had many traditional speakers with some tweeters….. My friend has a pair of PBN “M” series. They have a horn and after experiencing the sound dimensions the horn produces I ordered a pair.  I have to say everything in the mid/high section completely changes for the better.  It’s not just “wider” front stage but a more realistic sounding from stage.  Less directional and much more depth.  I’ll put the link here. If you call the owner Peter you’ll learn a lot about his thinking.  Best of luck