AXPONA 2020 - Cancelled

Message received from VP of Event Director,

It is with heartfelt disappointment that we must announce today the official cancellation of AXPONA 2020 that was to be held August 7-9. We make this decision out of concern for the health and safety of all AXPONA participants. We thank everyone who had committed to making the 2020 event the largest and most attended AXPONA in history. These are enormously challenging times for everyone and it is our hope that we all stay strong, caring, healthy and united. Our industry will come through this together and we will be in a better and safer world on the other side of this crisis.

We know everyone is hurting right now. Some more than others. Many businesses in many industries are being hammered by the impact of this pandemic. JD Events, the producer of AXPONA, in particular is facing a financial calamity due to the disastrous impact on tradeshows. Many expenses have already been spent on the show that we will not recoup.

We are actively working on 2021 but wanted to get this message out to you as quickly as possible to advise that we will be offering refunds if requested. We are however hoping that you may consider rolling over your 2020 ticket to the 2021 event to help us.

Good. The structure of an audio show is a near-perfect recipe for spreading infectious respiratory disease.
NYC wealthy trying to leave the city. everybody else is bk because they wont allow ANY business to open or schools in ANY zip. 
The industry is one the way out (+nyc 20 audio dealers)
Yet another sad reminder of the times, however going to look forward to 2021 being an outstanding event.
I also lost money on hotel reservation(which refunded half as a kind gesture) and credit on Delta tickets.

But I hope it will be nice to be there next year.