Axpona 2023

I am seeing videos from Axpona come in and this ACTIVE budget system sounds amazing, even with low rez youtube. People are guessing it costs $15K in the audience, and jaws are hitting the floor when they find out its less than $3K for EVERYTHING. Talk about confusion, listen to the stunned questions. I keep posting about the benefit of these active "systems" . The audience looks like they just saw ET, hilarious reactions:


I listened to these speakers as well.  I could not believe the room filling sound and bass coming from something this small.  Powered, an onboard streamer!  At a price of 4k or whatever, these speakers are excellant.

Hello Kota1. 8 owned a Audio store for almost a decade and by far the biggest disgrace is using cheap Xover parts , it isthe 🧠,or heart ❤️ of the speaker all information goes through them , thsts why I have been upgrading Xovers for friends,and family for over 20 years. And making the Highend Duelund. loudspeaker purifiers for awhile now . Quality throughout counts !!

Did any of you come to room 476 to hear our Infigo electronics with Alta audio speakers ?

Yup heard your room and it was ok, last year with the smaller Alta Dave speakers sounded much better IMO.