Ayre AX-7e with KEF Reference 1s or LS50 Metas

I'm downsizing and plan to sell my Ayre QX-5, KX-5, VX-5 Twenties that I've used with KEF Reference 1s.  I'd like to try my Ayre AX-7e integrated amp (60 watts 8°, 120 watts 4°) with either the Reference 1s or LS50 Metas.  I really like the AX-7e with LS50 Metas but haven't heard it with the Reference 1s. -- wonder if 120 watts is adequate.  Any suggestions? 

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Confusing?  The basic question is should I go with LS50 Metas or Reference 1s to pair with Ayre AX-7e integrated amp?  Opinions sought.

What are your listening habits? Genre? Volume? The Ayre can deliver good current, but may run out of gas if you push it hard. 

I would call Ayre directly and get their take on whether the AX7e can drive the Kef Ref 1.

It probably should, but the 4 ohm impedance will probably make it struggle in demanding music if you play it loudly.

Though adding subs with a crossover might make it workable.



Downsizing in the media room came from the realization that we mostly watched streamed programs and movies in that room and listened to music in the living room using KEF LS50 W2.  I replaced the LS50 W2 with LS60 in the living room and installed a Sony HT A9 in the media room.  But I would like to have an audio setup in the media room.  My listening is mostly jazz and classical at low to moderate levels, rarely pushed hard, and never with the AX-7e.  I think the LS50 Metas would be more than adequate, but I'm reluctant to give up my Reference 1s.



Keep me posted on the Gear that you plan to sell.


Happy Listening!


Lots of stuff to sell, but from immediate downsizing it’s Ayre QX-5, KX-5, VX-5 Twenties. I’m at a decision crossroad about the KEF Reference 1s or the LS50 Metas. I know the Ayre AX-7e integrated pairs well with the L50 Metas, but I haven’tt tried it with the Reference 1s. My plan is USB from the Nucleus to an Ayre QB-9 DAC then XLR to the AX-7e. Given everything is in the media room, it would be trivial to try this link with the Reference 1s.

PS: The white LS60 in the living room is superb. I usually listen at moderate levels, but the Verde Requiem revealed how big the LS60 can sound -- wow! I will sell the maroon LS50 W2 and stands.