Ayre Codex vs. ESS SABRE ES9010K2M (Yamaha AS801)

Hey all:

I'm thinking about purchasing a Yamaha AS801 which has the ESS Sabre DAC in it.  I have an Ayre Codex presently.  Wondering if the Yamaha DAC would be a good replacement for the Codex or if I should buy a DACless amp and keep the Codex.  Does that make sense?

Thoughts appreciated.

if the rest of your system - i.e. your source and your speakers - is resolving, of true hi fi quality, the ayre codex will sound vastly superior
Keep the Codex you would be going backwards the only thing you might need is a Codex Cradle 

Enjoy the Music 
Well, I found the AS801 for a good price so I grabbed it. This will be an interesting experiment. Will the onboard DAC be able to compete with the Codex....
More importantly, will I notice a difference.

PS - Source is FLAC or Tidal. Speakers are Onix Rocket 750 or Ohm Walsh. 
Congrats on the A-S801, @soundchasr.  I've had one for a number of years in a second system, and think it is a great value.  Read the 6moons review on it if you haven't already - "The A-S801 pounds hard on that HighEnd door."  The variable loudness is great for low volume listening.

I'm using the internal dac in the 801 - and it is good enough for that system - connected to TV and a modified Sonos Connect, Wharfedale Denton Speakers and small sub.   Very nice sound.  I recently changed the power cord to a Audio Envy 3p - nice upgrade in SQ in my system.

Like jjss49, I would posit that the Arye Codex will be a significant upgrade over the internal dac.  If you still have the Codex, would be great to hear your results of using it with the A-S801.  What is your digital source?
At 699 is there another amp that sounds as good with the same features? 
There’s a NuPrime IDA-8 available here now for $600 I’d take over the 801 (not sure if it has all the same features though). You can read the reviews.

What makes the Codex outstanding is the diamond output stage with headophones. Really amazing. No DAC chip can replace that.

If you aren't listening with headphones, then I prefer the ... AKC?  The other DAC maker. :)
What makes the Codex outstanding is the diamond output stage with headophones. Really amazing. No DAC chip can replace that.

i don’t listen to headphones, and i feel the codex is one of the most 'analog', coherent, natural sounding dacs irrespective of price run as a straight dac ... tho i would add that it does seem to resolve a bit better via xlr out vs rca though

a real giant killer of a dac... sold several of the more expensive dacs i had on hand once i got the codex
I got got that yamaha. It was lean sounding . My friends had it too.
Skip it. Get PS audio sprout.
Why would you post a question like this...the Ayre is so much better. All Ayre products sound better in balanced operation....XLR

i can get a really good deal on a ford fusion, but can you tell me if it might be as good (if not better) than a mercedes e350?

i was just wondering 🤣
Sorry for my awkward post, I've not compared the Codes as a line level DAC, I defer to the experience of others, but I would _not_ be surprised it is equally outstanding there too.