AZ Satori vs. Audience AU24

I currently run the Satori speaker cables on my VR4 III HSE. I'm interested in switching to the AU24s, but haven't heard them yet. There's nothing wrong with the Satori, just wondering if I can get to the next level using the AU24s. Any comparisons out there?
Hello 1markr... To answer your question (off topic), I am currently running my Resolution Audio Opus 21 player directly into the VAC 30/30 Mk V Signature with wonderful results. I agree that the tube "magic" is not all there with some of the very nice solid state and digital amps I have tried, but the Spectron did better my previous Aloia, Pass Aleph 3, Bel Canto Evo (by a long shot!), and PS Audio HCA-2 in this configuration. By running a great tube pre-amp in between, some of the "life" can be restored, and in the case of the Musician II, you may find it to be a great combo in your system. The wonderful, full bodied (and addictively "lush" I might add) sound of the 300B's is just
a bit difficult to live without after a long, stressful day of work and twin 3-year olds every day! A great way to end out my day...
1markr--Good question. Granite 860.1. Prior to receiving the Spectron, I'd been quite happy with them. Possibly, the issue stems from the VR 5's liking a lot of power.