B&W 805S & BAT VK300x SE Integrated. Synergy??

I have the above speakers(805S, NOT 805 Signature), hooked up to Sony SCD-777ES SACD Player with Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II interconnects and Satori speaker cable. I listen to all sorts of music except classical. I love the speakers and changing them just yet is not an option.

The BAT VK300x SE Integrated is the amp I'm eyeing, it beat out the McIntosh 6900 and Gryphon Diablo to my ears. This is the amp with the 6H30 supertube...fast, neutral, dynamic, beautifully layered, incredibly transparent and great bass.

The highs however had a slight edge to them, which might be because of the tube used.

Since the B&W 805S can also have a tendency to sound a tad bright in the highs, I'm wondering if the BAT will exacerbate this effect.

Sadly, I cannot audition my speakers with the amp.

So I ask you, can anyone articulate the sonic character of the 805S and perhaps shed some light on any synergy issues that I might want to watch out for.

The other option is to get the 6922 tube version BAT integrated but I don't want to exercise it unless the SE is a lost cause with my 805S.

Another interesting spanner has been slung into the works by the CD player. Though I love my Sony SCD777ES, I am in lust with the looks and sound of the Cary 306 SACD player (which apparently uses the same transport as the Sony SCD-1 flagship). Plus Im intrigued about how an upsampling player can rejuvenate my old collection of CDs.

Even though I heard the Cary for just 2 minutes it sounded decidedly different to my Sony player.

Has anyone paired this player with the BAT integrated and what were the results. If not, I'm also open to informed judgements about what I can expect from this union, from people who may happen to know the character of both these devices.

Have not heard the BAT but I hope my suggestions can help anyway.
I heard my 805Sigs with alot of integrateds, including the MA6900, Krell, etc, and some tube stuff.
When I hooked up the Class A, Accuphase E530 or my Sugden Masterclass, I really heard nice sounds.
You gotta try it out if you can.
Accuphase has a new E550 so an E530 might come up used.
They really get warm so you would need some good ventilation.

The Mcintosh MA2275 would also be on my short list.
I don't have any direct answers to your questions, but a couple of observations that might (?) help:

I'm using my 805Sigs with a Cary 303/200 CDP, Cary SLP98 preamp, & a C-J MF2500A amp, & am very happy with the combination. So replacing the Sony with a Cary player might be a good idea.

Also, I found that putting the Sigs on great stands (instead of the b&w stands) almost completely cured any brightness issues.
Really nice combo.B&W's don't "need" tubes the way some other speakers do and the BAT is nmot overly euphonic or warm.And the power rating of 150 watts is just right to top out the 805's.I tried a 300 wat Adcom stck and had to run it in passive mdeo because it was just way to much power.An oppttion is to get your Sonny moddded if you have some left over budget and I'd use Sounbd Anchor strands instaead of B&W's.The B&W's are expansive and Bob Warzalla owner of Soiound Anchor found that 805's sound beter with mass loading at top of stand instead of bottom the way B&W made them.I think he is best stand/raclk builder inn the buisness and new B&W's are like the old Matix series they can't not be helped with heavy iron especially if you have wooden floors..Good rack,some cones,neutral cables and yoiur all set.
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Thanks guys, I think I'm going for this combo.

Tvad, I haven't eliminated the 6922 version yet, in fact I'm just letting it sink in slowly. I just cant see myself opening the unit and changing tubes ever so often. Can I ask, however....is it easy to open up the amp and change the tubes. Does the packaging from BAT contain an Allen key or something similar?

Just to clarify, I really liked the SE version, I'm just questioning if I can live with such a lively sound day in day out, over a long time.

Some say that there are tubes out there that can replicate the 6H30 tube sound, is this right?

BTW guys, my 805S sit on a pair of Partington Dreadnought Ultima stands and if there are sturdier stands I have yet to see them. Its a one piece construction that is constructed entirely of some sort of proprietary damping material, so the stands need no filling. In fact if you tap your finger anywhere on the stands all you get is the dullest of thuds, no resonance at all.

I think the little brightness that exists is because my room is quite spartan with almost no damping to speak of.

PS. Can anyone (perhaps you, Tvad) comment in a bit more detail on the sonic character of the BAT 6922 Integrated?
You forgot two terrific integrated amplifiers in your list.

The Plinius 9200 is shockingly good, terrific bass and a wide well defined soundstage and it is very warm to boot and it is an excellent buy at $4200.00

Then there is the amazing Edge G3 the Edge is less powerful 115 watts vs 200 watts for the Plinius. The Edge is amazing sounding huge soundstage and remarkable transparency! It is one of the most amazing amplifiers out there.

What part of the country are you in that you can't find a dealer for the BAT to hear with your B&W.s?
I had my 805s bolted to the plate but tried setting them up on 3 brass points.
I still use the bolts, slightly tightened, to keep them safe.
Audio Oracle. good amps no doubt but I am looking for a hybrid, with the texture and wetness of tubes. So Plinius is probably not for my tastes at this point.

I own the 300XSE amp, and I can assure you it won't sound shrill or overly bright, as long as you partner it with the right speaker cable and interconnects. I use Audience AU24 throughout my system, which includes a Magnum Dynalab MD-102 tuner, and an Electrocompaniet DAC (linked to a Philips 963 DVD/SACD player) all feeding into a pair of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature floorstanders - the sound is gorgeous (especially with the tuner on good FM stations) - very layered, almost so dense you feel like you're walking among the band members if you can force yourself from the sweet spot :) Stick with the super tubes - they won't let you down. Regarding your question about replacing the tubes, an alen wrench is provided with the amp, and the two tubes are easily removed (remember to avoid touching them with your bare hands). Good luck.
I disagree the Plinius is very tube like, don't discount it before you here it. Also for the record the BAT isn't very tube sounding,but it is excellent, you should try to listen to one before you count it out it is really musical.
Denelle, thanks, interesting info. I'll be using Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II interconnects and Satori speaker cable. I'll find out hw they sound with the amp this weekend.
Sounds good Papi-chulo, hope it's what you're hoping for - I've never owned AZ cables, but obviously they've been well reviewed for many years..good stuff I'm sure. FYI, my BAT has the silver and black faceplate. I called BAT just for kicks to see how much it would be to go to the all black faceplate, and it costs 400.00 I settled for a new black knob for 40.00 :)