B&W Nautilus 802 or Wilson Audio Witt 1?

Hello friends, I'm from Argentna (here is very difficult to find high-end speakers) and I am between these 2 speakers, you have many experience, which of the 2 think it is better and why? "B&W Nautilus 802" or "Wilson Audio Witt 1"? from already thank you very much and sorry for my English (use the google translator jaja). Greetings!!
B & W with amp 200 watts and under
Wilson with amps over 200 watts
Both are great. Wilson is more tempermental and requires the best electronice. The B& W sounds good with 100 watts
I have no experience with the Wilson Witt, but I do have a lot of experience with the N802. I have used tube amps which I felt better matched the mid/treble range eliminating some brightness. I am currently using a W4S amp which may be the best compromise yet. The N802 still looks stunning after all these years since its introduction. The Witt was and still is an ugly duckling that had a very short production run whether that was due to sonics or appearance. The build quality of the N802 is very good and it remains a lasting value. Sonically, I would say it is competitive if not superior to anything new within the going used price range of 4-5K. I would recommend the N802 for the reasons stated.
I own the Witt 1's and have heard the 802's in a totally different system. I would go with the 802's, but that's just my opinion. What do I know? Best of luck in your choice.
Thank you very much for the comments and experiences, for the moment I'm leaning to the side of the nautilus 802, I'd like to read more comments. Again thanks!!!
To my knowledge, the only reviewer to like the WITT 1's was Martin Collums. It was panned by everyone else.
Hola Abucktwoeighty tuviste oportunidad de escuchar el nautilus 802? cual te parece mejor?, cuanto hace que tenes la witt y que podes decir de ellos?. Muchas gracias
Hello Abucktwoeighty you had opportunity to hear the nautilus 802? which you think better?, how long you got the witt and that you can say about them?. Thank you very much
Emdaudio, I bought the Witts here on A'gon a little over 3 years ago. Before I bought them I had a pair of Meadowlark Audio Osprey speakers that I liked very much, but found them lacking in the bottom end, so I bought a sub. I then thought I should get something where I wouldn't need a sub, and after doing some research, I thought the Wilson's were what I wanted. It took quite a while to get used to the Witts after listening to the Ospreys, which seemed to emphasize high-end. The Witts came up for sale in the classifieds (used) and were nearby so I could go have a listen to them. I liked what I heard and bought them. I couldn't afford the 802's. Some people don't like the highs out of the Witts, but I find them very pleasant. See my system. I feel the Witts sound great from the highs to the lows. What I liked more about the 802's were the imaging and the wide soundstage. It was as if I was right in the middle of the band, and I could look left or right and point at each member as they performed. The Witts didn't image as well, but the sonics were enough to win me over. With the 802's, I was there. With the Witts, the band is here. Make sense? Hope that helps. Another thing to consider is the fact that I heard them at different locations with different associated equipment. I don't remember what was used with the Witts, but it was the same gear used to demonstrate the Alexandrias, Maxx, Watt Puppies, etc. The 802's were driven by huge SS Classe monoblocks, with a CJ preamp, I believe. Good luck.