Bache Audio Metro 001 Upgrade

  • Gotta love Bache Audio founder/designer Greg Belman who recently upgraded my Metro 001's. He replaced the stock Tang Band woofers with Eton and modified the port to accommodate the latter's increased bass output. He also upgraded the crossover and replaced the stock air motion transformer supertweeter with the rare, expensive, Japanese made version of the Fostex FT96-EX2. Since drivers were being changed I asked that he rewire the speakers with better quality wire. We ended up using Duelund DCA tinned copper - 12ga. for the woofer and to the binding posts, and 16ga. for the wideband driver. Stage III Concepts Hookup wire-22ga. was used for the Fostex tweeters. The result - deeper and more refined bass, clearer, more articulate midrange, more resolved yet natural sounding highs-a major improvement in speakers I already considered keepers. Greg Belman continually experiments/tests/refines his speakers and contacts owners to let them know about available upgrades. How many speaker manufacturers can you say that about?
When Greg replaced the stock woofers in my Tribeca’s with the Eton drivers the bass improved dramatically. He also did a simple tweak to the crossover that improved on the midrange. This change was subtle compared to the woofers. A few weeks ago Greg had sent me new ports to install inside the current ports. This tightened up the bass a little more while increasing the output. 
Those Fostex super tweeters are really special. Coming from Quad 57s most speakers never sounded right to me on top. These are very natural with absolutely no listening fatigue.