Back in the saddle again

After seven fat years in my home office, I am forced to rejoin the skyscraper office denizens. I have an enclosed office and do not care for extended and daily ear phone use.

I need music through the day, lest I find myself doing unproductive, yea, nigh on to worse things.

I find an unexpected tolerance to popping a cd into the workstation drive. I worry that a nice little shelf system won't show me as a bigger crackpot that I already am. I mean by that, listening to piano is unheard of. I have the space for it, but not the courage. And it must not impede my work in the sense that people drop in to talk about work. I do not mind them knowing I am playing music. I mind them minding that I do.

I had a computer speaker playing solo piano the other day. A woman came into my office and, after transacting business, stopped on her way out. She cocked her head to the sound, smiled, and pronounced it nice.

She later said that althoiugh she knows what a piano is, and kinda recognized the sound, that she never heard one by itself. Now I lend her one every few weeks. And we have begun to talk. Beyond work.

How odd am I and how should I go to sustain my music in the office?

good luck on your office transition

I have music at work, am respectful of others with volume and it's never been a problem

it actually makes me more productive - as the music keeps my mind from becoming too distractive or overly analytical - I make decisions quicker and more effectively

I use a Phillips 5 disc changer with detachible speakers

I used to have an NAD receiver, little B&W's, Nak Cd and Nak tape deck under my desk at my old office

it helps to play music that is soothing - chamber orchestra, jazz that's not too dispondent (Bill Evans Trios work nice) and milder pop and rock
I think you better ask her out to may be more than the piano she's thinking about "by itself"

I married some of that 'meat' from the former and now once again place of 'bread & butter' but then again I was a huge slut and often sampled the local wares...


Why yes, yes i do......

has something to do with tulips, I believe...

I have to have a system in my office. I can get away with i though, and I can play whatever I want. Doors come in handy! Got Jethro Tull "Crest of a Knave" on right now... unfortunately only a CD based system, but I have a tuner at work, which I don't have at home.

When it's too hot I don't use the integrated tube unit, but resort to the hard drive on the computer...



I am not surprised that this grimey bunch would ignore the question in favor of the chick. You would not have if you saw her. Not by my pen anyway.
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