Balanced headphone cable

1. There should really be a Headphone Forum.2.  I bought a Focal Elear headphone in August to replace my really old Beyerdynamic DT990. It was eye-opening.3, I used it primarily with my EVS modified OPPO 105. When I had the output cards modified, I had paid $50 to also improve the headphone output. I don't remember what Ric did, but I was very pleased with the improved output in my main system.4. I mused over what gains could be made with a headphone amp, so I finally sprung 2 weeks ago for a Schiit Jotunheim. It's difficult for me to describe the improvement, other than to say headphone listening went from something I could do, to something I would now like to do.5. Now, I wanted to know what would balanced headphone cables bring to the party. Not being willing to pay $300-$800 to find out, I started to research DIY balanced headphone cables. There is not a lot of info, and very little description of any audible difference.6. I ordered the cables and jacks, and assembled a 12' balanced cable for $31.7. Posting after only after a couple of discs, I can say that I would recommend balanced cables for the Jotunheim and Elear combo. The improvement is noticeable; mostly along the lines of bringing one more into the music.  Bass licks are now very impactful. When the music is delicate, it is more so. Low level details are more easily heard. The image expands out of the head more smoothly, etc.
I'm using an all balanced system including balanced connected headphones driven by a dedicated balanced headphone amp.  I don't remember what unbalanced sounds like, but mine is always a wow.
"Guess I been told!" Obviously no one is interested in cheap solutions on Audiogon.
Yes, I am aware of Head-fi. I found photos of a bunch of nice woven DIY cables, and of course reviews of the Jotunheim and the Elears...and a bunch of stuff for sale. For my use of 'phones, I don't plan on joining such a specialized forum.
The Jotu triples the current into a balanced load. No one would think of listening to stereo speakers with a common ground, but it seems OK for "cans". I used Canare L-4E3-2P cable at $2/ft to make an easy to do cable to be able to make better use of my 'phones. Sorry the solution is not very interesting or expensive.