Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I am in Westminster and would also be interested. Let me know what you want to do.
I've really wanted to this for the last couple of years, but I seem to have less time these days. And, now with the school year starting and the after school activities......Sheesh, its overwhelming! I still love to try. Keep me in mind. I'm in Baltmore County, Pikesville area. Could get together every few weekends or so, bring different equipment over to hear, have a few munchies, could be a good time.
I do not know, never tried this before. Maybe try to meet somewhere for discussion on what everybody wants out of a club. Some nuetral place after work one evening. Resturant maybe for dinner?
I've had several informal "listening" parties w/ friends. Everyone brings a recording or two that is notable for one reason or another and introduces it to the group...a great way to sample new music or new formats. Discussion has always touched upon gear and sometimes a component or two shows up (e.g. headphone amp, headphones, ICs, etc.)...just a thought.