Banana plugs into Pass x.5 amps

Hello All,

The .5 series of Pass Labs amps do not accept banana plugs due to the plastic inserts Pass has placed into the binding posts to meet some legal requirement (in Europe if my info is correct).  But I learned today that these inserts may be removed by backing out the post nut all the way to reveal a very tiny brass pin that passes thru the insert stem.  Pushing out this pin (in the proper direction if it is tapered) then allows removal of the plug and insertion of a banana plug.  I checked one of my binding posts today, and sure enough, there is a little brass pin.

But before I proceed with this magnifier-aided surgery, I have two questions for anyone that may have already done this.

Is the pin really tapered requiring directional removal?

Once the plastic plug is removed, will a banana securely fit into the binding post (they seem a bit short in length)?

Hopefully someone will respond shortly.  If not, then I'll give it a shot tomorrow and let someone know what I discovered.  Just didn't want to maybe permanently booger-up the post's "factory look" if unable to get that micro pin back in.

Thanks.  John

Change to spade only cables.

The banana connectors are removed because they are a poor connection!

Yes the little brass pins are tapered and yes when you do get them out you can use your bannana speaker connections. It is really a simple process. Tooblue
Thanks tooblue!  If I can't visually determine which pin end is bigger, I suppose pushing each way to find the exit path is ok.  Did you find the pin hard to push out?

don_c55.  Thanks, but I don't want to take a $$$ hit on resale of my present banana cables if I don't have too.  I originally auditioned them as spades and there is no difference to my ears with the banana connectors.
My experience was the same as tooblue. Pretty simple and my banana connectors (actually Nordost Z-plug bananas) worked fine and fit securely. I don't remember the pins being directional, but it's been a while so they very well could have been, but I did not have any problem getting them out.
Spades have a much larger contact area, with lower contact resistance, and can handle higher current easier.

A superior connection!
I like a well designed banana connector and the good ones have as much contact area and can be as secure as any spade. 
Success on pin and insert removal.  Pins were easily pushed out with my smallest nail punch.  The banana connectors on my Furutech Reference III speaker cables fit perfectly.  And the sound is now MUCH more to my liking than with my spade-terminated Analysis Plus Oval Nines.

Thanks all for your good info and comments!

don_c55"Spades have a much larger contact area, with lower contact resistance, and can handle higher current easier.

A superior connection!"

Not necessarily - it would depend on the spade and the post to which it is affixed.
Spades are the "STANDARD" connectors on most all speaker cables.

Who uses banana plugs?
Can you explain better how to remove the brass pin and insert bananas?

I have just bought a Nordost speaker cable and only realize that I can not connect to a Pass Labs X250.5 after trying.