Bang & Olufsen showcases timeless design at ‘The Danish House’

Bang & Olufsen is showcasing a selection of its iconic sound and vision products for the home both past and present that exemplify the best in craftsmanship, timeless design and longevity. Thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s new update to Beolink,



Sometimes on  I just put in a brand name, i.e. Tandberg; Bang & Olufsen, ...

some great designs you never knew about show up.  

B&O equipment is in my Audi TTS. I wish I could be more positive, but their implementation is less than desirable. A 650 watt amp in a roadster sounds good, but if you don't accept the sound limitations in such a small space, no amount of power is going to make it better.

Yes, they made some very nice looking equipment, but, to my ears, lacked any bass. In fact, their car stereo seems to be lacking in those frequencies, as well.

Many TTs owners have resorted to installing external subwoofers to their cars as a result.