Bearing oil for Linn Basik?

Just opened up my Basik turntable after 4 years in storage, only to find half of the black bearing oil had leaked out. Where can I get some, or is there a substitute?NO Linn dealers where I now live, Eastern shore of Maryland. Tried contacting Linn, no answer so far.
I have heard of people using other oils, but I have also heard the line that one should use nothing but the genuine oil. I, myself, err on the side of caution with my LP12.

You might be able to get the oil from Linn--the best way might be to call them, since it's harder to ignore a phone call.

Otherwise, you might find a Linn dealer who's willing to do mail order.

One final thought--you might think about replacing the oil that's already there. That is, drain the bearing, and refill it. Often, you'll hear that you "only need to top off." But, from my experience with the LP12, I think a complete oil change isn't a bad thing from time to time.

Good luck!
For me, 1 part of Dura-Lube + 3 parts of regular motor oil(10W30) and it works wonderful !!!
THanks for the replies, I'll keep trying Linn. I intended to drain the oil (what's left of it) and refill the bearing. The Linn dealer I originally purchased from is,unfortunately,no longer in business.

Edle, appreciate the suggestion. I was trying to use the same oil Linn uses or a generic substitute.
I've had great results with J.A. Michell synthetic bearing oil. Easily obtained through Michell dealers. Also, sewing machine oil works great.