Beatles Mono Boxes Good news more on the way

Due to increased demand they are making Thousands more Mono sets available in the USA .Amazon and other Online stores sold out but many retail stores still have inventory.Don't pay high prices for them thinking they are Rare or unavailable.Set sold yesterday 9/12 on Agon for $200.JD
Don't pay high prices to greedy people for these sets.They are NOT Rare.........JD
Will the high demand for the MONO old 60's masters make record labels think again about the poor quality of modern "state of the art" compressed & loud sounding pop music that they sell?

Duh? Wake up call! Perhaps there is a reason for declining sales. Perhaps people don't feel like plonking down $12 bucks for modern pop CD's with heavy handed "hot" mix/mastering by the likes of Butch Vig...
My God, Shadorne I hope so. I really do. This release (I'm talking about the mono) shows that great music can be mastered correctly and people will buy it. They don't need to be compressed and maximized within an inch of their life. (Listening to the tablas and the sitar on "Within You, Without You" on the mono Pepper - so lovely).

By the way, Amazon has 25 or so at $229 (of the first set) if anyone is interested.
Greedy Audiogoners,Kaleidakol and Narrod already asking $375 a set.Only $275 from Ce511 .They obviously bought these to profit from fellow audiophiles on the forums.Hope they don't make a dime...These are our friends on Audiogon and AA..JD
Does anybody know of any retail outlets in the San Diego, CA. area that have the Beatles Mono box sets?


I'm raising the price of mine to $1000. It is really special.
What makes it special? If it sells for the new asking price that will really make it special. Offers considered but, please, no lowballing. :-)

The reason we could not get the first mono box set was those greedy bastards had bought them all and now try to sell at high price on ebay, audiogon... Don't let these guys take advantage of us.
Welcome to the world of Greed! Dungn, the reason you don't have the mono set is becuase you waited too long before deciding you wanted it. I ordered mine in early August from Music Direct and received it on September 8th. So many posts, so many questions, seems that Too many 'Goners were waiting for everyone else's appraisal before making the plunge. BTW, the mono set is fantastic and well worth the normal retail price.

i walked into best buy two day after the set was released and picked up my mono set. sometimes you've gotta leave the house to get what you want.
Kgturner. How do you know I did not go to check the Beatles box set? I arrived at Best Buy in my city at 10:24Am on Sept 9, 2009 (the store opened at 10:00AM). None was left! Only 2 stereo box sets were left. I called all other Best Buy in the same city. None had the mono set. I called all HMV stores in the city. "sold out!". And I lived in the capital of Canada. Not a tiny village up North.

I just placed on order to Amazon though.
"I'm raising the price of mine to $1000. It is really special.
What makes it special? If it sells for the new asking price that will really make it special. Offers considered but, please, no lowballing. :-)"

I hope it is special to you !!! It,s yours for keeps now! Don,t worry JD I hear the second ones come with extra,s inside. Pictures of Narrod and many others with their extra sets with the price tag 229.99 still attached and they are reading the Best Buy Xmas flyer with the Beatles Mono sets on sale for 189.99 while visions of Franklins fall from their heads ! Cheers
Has2be, it's a really special set. There is no other like it.
Are you sure you are not interested? :-)


i didn't know. just ascertained from the tone of your post. you would've probably had better luck living in a tiny village up north. i live in a smallish town (~400,000 pop.), and nobody around here seems to care about music or sound quality. it's a curse, but turned out to a blessing in this regard.
Oh I am very positive Nimrod . You keep it as it,s special just like you and the yellow bus waiting for you at the end of your driveway. Run along Wendy!!! Cheers
Has2be, why so nasty? I didn't say your wife was ugly and your kids slow. :-)

There's no justification for name calling.

Actually you just did.Thats okay Nimrod because I,m not married and have custody of 4 children, all honor students , ones a model and another plays Varsity basketball at University ,2 are still in high school. Gotta run Wendy. Oh... sorry its Narrod not Nimrod , guess I was typing outloud. Cheers
Hey Dungn, there is a fello on Canuk audio selling a mono set for 300 bucks. Thats what they cost in Canada taxes in. If your interested. Cheers
You folks will be pleased to know the Mono Box is gone. Folks were so upset over this listing that I just want to give you prior notice when I post a sealed copy of Roger Water's Amused To Death 2LP set. My asking price is going to
make you dizzy. :-)
The mono box set is currently $211 at Amazon. Not sure how long it has been or will stay at this price.