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I was into the Beatles in the 70's and that was of coarse on albums. Now I am trying to put together the albums I know and love in CD form but wanting the best in audio quality. Seems what I knew only as albums I purchased at the record store now have Japanese, German, US, UK, etc releases and versions that sometimes are not even close to the albums I can Recognize. I would like some idea of a complete set of CD's I should go buy that can now be played on some fairly critical audio gear as CD's and play similar to the albums that are burned into my head. This desire comes from seeing the Cirque Du Soleil show and listening to the love album. Great album just wish it was all there released music when they where playing. Appreciate any suggestion on this and the more specific the better.
The recent release/remaster of Sergeant Pepper CD respects the original Vinyl release faithfully, including inner groove effects. (So I am told as I was a toddler when the original came out and do not own the Vinyl)
the capitol cd versions are the mixes most american kids remember from the sixties and seventies, so the boxes are pretty cool. the quality of the japanese import versions(of the capitol boxes) is even better. the mfsl vinyl and newer japanese lp pressings are cool too. its pretty hard to go wrong....
Just for fun, go to, click on "Torrents", and then choose the Category "Music" from the dropdown, and then enter "Beatles DTS" in the Keywords box. You will then be presented with a rather extensive list of Beatles albums that have been "re-mixed" into 5.1 and 5.0 surround sound.

Some of these albums sound absolutely amazing! And the price can't be beat. Give it a go, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Here's a link that takes you right to the list of albums:

You have to decide whether you believe that the mono or stereo releases best captured the intention of the group and Martin in the studio.

As for sound quality, the early 80's Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs LP box set is arguably the best (they are stereo releases).

As for CD, I do not know whether there are particularly distinguished releases.
The normal CDs available here in the USA are almost unlistenable - sound quality varies from poor to horrible (Sgt. Peppers). I bought them all in the late 80s and could not finish one.

I did buy Japanese import Sgt. Peppers & Revolver from Red Trumpet Music 3-4 years ago and they sound excellent. Red Trumpet is out of business. I think if you find Japanese imports of Beatles's records, you'd have some good sounding music.
Hopefully they'll release a high rez and/or re-mixed full catalogue on DVD -audio or sacd hybrid before were all dead.

That link you typed in above does not work. I tried it several times. All I get is "this page can not be displayed". I then went to to try and access it that way and my PC went crazy typical of when a virus hits. I immediately shut it down and waited 30 secs. So for so good but I have to run a virus check as well as spyware check to make sure. Are you sure that's a safe site? Could be just my PC. Just want to be safe. Thanks.
"White Album" - check Amazon and see if there are any Japanese import versions. If so, buy it as chances are real good it's been properly remastered.
The 14 LP MFSL box set that Raquel is reffering to is with out any argument,very NICE, but at 1000$ price tag used is for the serius collectors.

I just clicked the link again and was directed to the proper webpage. I have never experienced any problems (viruses, etc.) from going to Demonoid, nor have many of my friends. Sorry it didn't work for you...