Beautiful Monitors?

Keeping in the under $4k category (new or used), what are some of the most beautiful looking monitors available? In particular, I'm looking for a wood exterior, like Sonus Faber or Karmas.

Sound would be second in the silly as that sounds, but if it can match the beauty, too, to would be great. I need awesome WAF, if you know what I mean.

System? I'll build around the speakers, but I plan on a very small integrated system, preferably tube-driven.
I happen to think Chario's (academy1 or Millenium) are beautiful with the solid walnut cabinets... also sound is extradinary as well.. good luck finding a used pair.. pretty rare now.
Both my and I wife think the SF Auditor M's in the graphite finish are beautiful. Some of the older SF monitor models were done in an exquisite walnut.

I also like Devore Fidelity speakers - they look as great as they sound. DF recently started using some surprisingly beautiful bamboo as the enclosure for their new 3XL monitors, which also sound incredible. They are $3750/pair new plus $700 for a pair of matching stands

The Paradigm S4's are a step down in sonic quality compared to the above (IMHO) but still sound great and are available in some beautiful wood finishes. They are around $4000/pair new plus the stands.
Definately consider Diapason Adamantes. They are small and beautiful, and they make great music without a lot of power. On top of that they are small.
Selah Audio and Salk Sound will customize their speakers in a HUGE variety of veneers
the WAF as a medium factor for me. of all we looked at the biggest WAF for the money was the ERA models in African Rosewood. Veneer look about an inch deep. Looked at everything in the portland oregon metro area (maybe 20 brands or more) and none looked as nice, including much more expensive models. Online the above mention of the salks resonates as well. they look good. google era and on some of the reviews the Rosewood veneer is shown. nice.
No offense to anyone but the sonus fabers were not in the same class. plus is the sound is very good.
My wife loves the looks of my Harbeth monitor 30s above all other speakers I've ever shown her for the very reason that they look like what they are meant to be. A classic and clean lined box speaker instead of trying to look like something its not such as sculpture or a coffin.
Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole, with the optional Murata supertweeter (that does NOT sit on top but is stylishly integrated, of course) it does exceed your $4k limit, unfortunately. Without the supertweeter, it should be in the range $3.5k (new)
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Heard these speakers once at a fair in an environment that made it impossible to give a well-founded judgement, but they made a fine impression nevertheless.
NHT XD Sub/Sat system. Not only are the monitors and sub gorgeous; so are the matching speaker stands. A true work of art....