Behind the scenes Audio Research I/50

Excellent video for anyone interested in seeing how Audio Research builds their amplifiers. Specifically the new integrated I/50.



thanks, I enjoyed that.

I had a nice tour of McIntosh in Binghamton, NY when I had them overhaul my MC2250 SS amp and C28 SS Preamp a few years ago, so I could confidently sell them and go back to Tubes.

these companies that stand behing their procucts with long warrantys are impressive! 

Disclaimer, I do not own any of their products nor am I any kind of shill. But, if anyone has listened to one of these I would love to hear your opinion.


Likely a nice sounding unit

Lexie tube display cheezy. Clearly a price point unit. They're an establised company, and they can't figure out how to provide a real enclosure?

The perforated look screams "value" box. 

impressive level of vertical integration people involvement in engineering manufacturing and Quality Assurance for a USA product at this relatively low price point. i look forward to hearing one. i applaud judicious use of SMD, in the right place they can be very good. To the OP - thanks so much for sharing this.....


I'm not sure how normal this is in the industry but I was impressed that the designer, Warren Gehl,  listens to every unit before it is packaged and given final approval.  The effort to source local is admirable as well. 

Warren also listens to every unit that comes in for service.  New or serviced...nothing leave the building until Warren approves.  I have been buying and swapping out used pieces for the past 4 years to finally arrive at a system I feel I can live with for several years.  Over that time, they have been extremely helpful whenever I needed support.  They are a great bunch of folks and I am proud to own their equipment.  I would like to hear the new I/50 but am disappointed in the aesthetics.  I also find it very interesting how they reverted back to the 6550 & 6922 tubes.  They had been so adamant about the KT120/150 & 6H30.

I had a chance to listen to the Audio Research I/50 at John Rutan's place last weekend. It was driving Vandersteen VLR CT's with a pair of REL T5/i's. Source was an Auralic Altair G1 I believe. 

Very engaging system that really left me wanting for nothing. When I asked Jeff what the sonic differences were between the I/50 and the Rogue Cronus Magnum III he said the I/50 was more lush, romantic and tubey in comparison. 

I may ask John for an in-house demo of the I/50, but I'll probably hold off until the winter. As my upstairs listening room can get hot!