Behringer DEQ 2496

After reading many glowing reviews, I was ready to buy one of these. When researching prices and stores, I found that it only has balanced inputs/outputs. Is this correct or am I missing something? I know I can connect via a digital input, but is there any way to get it connected to my pre-amp with regular old RCA's?
ou can purchase some RCA to XLR adapters like those sold by Cardas & other manufacturers. Also, see:
Sure, you just need to make cables with XLR on one end and RCA on the other or use adaptors. the owners manual has instructions for doing this. Also it has 1/4 inch phone jacks on the analog ins and outs. you can buy those adaptors at radio shack. Check out the owners manual at parts express.
I use the digital output from my cd player to the digital input of my Behringer DEQ 2496. Then the digital output of the Behringer to the digital input of a Bel Canto DAC 1.1. This all using toslink. I think this is the best way to go but the dac in the Behringer is pretty decent, not as good as many dacs that cost 4-500 used though.

It's easy to hook up but you need to read the manual a couple of times before you use it. This thing is the best tweak there is imo.
I knew there was a simple answer that I was overlooking. I guess I'll give one a try and see how it goes.
I just had some cables made by
Blue Jeans Cables. They cost less
than the adaptors.
I agree with Warnerwh the deq 2496 is an incredible product. Great value and does so many things. I've been playing with it for only a week and I've just scratched the surface of its capabilities. I'm a hard core vinyl guy but with this thing CD's are finally listenable. I bought my xlr/rca converters from Marketek if memory serves, very reasonable and no outlandish high-end markup. The word is that the A/D section is only fair but I will being trying it out soon with the vinyl rig just to take advantage of the transparent digital EQ.Who'd a ever thunk it!!!!!!
Okay, for one pair of inputs and one pair of ouputs, do I need "male" XLR's, "female" XLR's or a combination of the two?

BTW-I ordered the DEQ today. I'm interested to see how much of a difference it makes.
>>Are the rack mounts removable? If so, is it 17" wide?<<

They are removable, but once removed, there is an opening to the inside of the unit. I removed them just to cut off the ends with a hacksaw, then put them back on to cover the opening.
Ecruz I would recommend 2 male and 2 female in case you ever want to connect analog inputs.Also another female for a digital out if you want to connect to an external DAC. The female converters have holes the males have prongs.
Two points

- Behringer should really include the microphone with DEQ2496, even if they have to increase the price. You need the microphone to get the most out of it.

- Unless you have fancy cable that you don't want to touch, re-terminate them with XLR connectors is cheaper and likely gives you better results.