Berkeley vs Bryston vs Lampizator

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare a Lampizator DAC (so many iterations out there) to a Berkeley Alpha 2 or a Bryston BDA-3?  Or has anyone compared the Berkeley Alpha 2 to the Bryston BDA-3? If so, I'm interested in your opinions. 

I have compared the LampiZator big 6 to the Bricasti M1SE and kept the Bricasti.
The Bricasti must be nice if it bested the Lampizator. I assumed, based on all the hype that the Lampizator received, that it was the top dog. Big price tag on the Bricasti M1SE!

From my Lampizator dealer friend:

For 2017, Lampizator discontinued L4/L5/L6, and now have 3 DAC lines: Amber2 (better than L4 was), Atlantic (better than L5/L6 was) & Big7.   There are different options & versions of each including top end Golden Atlantic and Golden Big7 is Golden Gate.

I had Atlantic in my system and is very good if seeking a little tube magic.
I owned the Berkeley Alpha 2 for two years, fed by their Alpha USB.  I next changed to the Lampizator Big 7, also fed by the Alpha USB.  There was no contest in my system:  the Lampi had much more resolution, which is interesting, but most importantly it was more organically musical, more harmonically full and truer to live instruments in timbre.  Also the Lampi's soundstage was bigger, fuller, with images that were closer to 3D, more palpable.  Like I say, no contest IME.

I have since moved on to the Lampizator Golden Gate, which is sort of the Big 7 with premium parts - - even more magical, and worth the cost difference for me.  Currently, I am done trying DAC's.

Never heard a Bryson (or a Bricasti).
A Berkeley Alpha 2 isn't cheap. How much can I can expect to pay for a used Lampizator?  Any recommendation on what level to buy or avoid?  

I'm sure there is a Lampizator sound throughout their whole line. I'm sure that the newer models may be more refined, but the basic sound remains. The Bricasti was just fuller and more organic sounding than the Lampi. I had.
If you think Bricasti has a big price tag, last I looked at the Berkeley, I believe that is is almost double the price.
I also had a Lampizator Big 6 then heard the Bricasti M1, sold the Lampi and never looked back.

(Dealer disclaimer)
I depends if you want "lit up from within" gorgeous colorful sound or something drier, more "black and white" so to say.

The big 6 is a fundamentally different technology to the Atlantic and 7 series.

The Big 6 was a NOS multibit chip using small dual triode output tubes.

The 7 series and the Atlantic both use discrete R2R ladders for PCM and discrete "chipless" architecture for DSD. There are NO Dac chips in these units. On top of that, the output tubes are now Directly Heated Triodes (power amp tubes) for the output in the 7 series and 4P1L pentodes run in triode mode for the Atlantic line.

They are VERY different to the Big6 and to the old Level4.

Incidentally, I have never been a big fan of the Big 6.

The Atlantic is the most linear sounding Lampi, but the GG can be tailored to whatever you need by changing the recti and output tubes in combination. You can even use a SS 5v recti with pinouts in a Lampi!!
So I bought the Big 6 b/c I was told it was Lukasz's favorite dac, he thought it was the most neutral and natural sounding dac for redbook CD's out of any of his dacs. There was really nothing wrong with it that is until I had a listen to the Bricasti.
I’ve had a Lampizator L4, Lite 7 (actually two of them) and now a Big 7. The Big 7 has the newest R2R PCM engine and super clocks--it’s in another league compared to the previous DACs I’ve owned (PS Audio DS, Aqua La Scala, Auralic Vega, and previous Lampis).

I’ve heard the Bricasti, but not in my system--and not in direct comparison to a Lampi. I didn’t find it objectionable in any way.
The lampizator is one of my favorite dacs but only heard at shows. The Bricasti is killer and I have heard it a few times in home systems. Tough call.  Try to hear them in home systems if you can before buying. Your home would be beat but might be difficult.

From Audioshark:

Q: Any feedback to share?
Haven’t heard the Lampizator Golden Atlantic dac yet, though a pal of a pal will soon get one.

A: Sure! Tonally balanced but nice tight low end, lit from within very liquid sound in my system. Best DAC I’ve ever owned by a long shot.

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I've owned the Bryston for about 3 weeks now but I can't comment on the Berkeley or the Lampetc.  I currently and am using 2 DACs--the Bryston for SACD and Blu Ray and the Mytek Manhatten for everything else.  The original plan was to sell off the Mytek but the Mytek is so so superior to the Bryston for red book and with my Bluesound that I can't bring myself to do it.  To be fair, I haven't spent a lot of time with the Bryston on it's non HDMI inputs--I haven't even tried it's USB yet
Hey Mahler do you have a Mytek Mahnhatten one of two, we had the one and it was really good, the new MK 2 is supposed to be totally superior
Hope someone will comment on the Manhattan II here but I don't think there are many in the field yet.  I have the Manhattan I and also think it is excellent.
Bricasti is a killer DAC. I heard it in 2 system sbefore deciding to buy one for my system. No regrets. Best DAC I've ever heard, but I've not heard every DAC. One friend however sold his Bricasti in favor of a chord DAC 
I have the original Manhatten.  I guess I should contact Mytek about an upgrade but I'm so happy with it that I haven't bothered
The lampizator big 6 with;
Western electric tube rectifier. 
R2R and DSD. 
Imho the big 6 will beat all the above. The beauty of a nos dac is that you can pretty much dial the sound. As far as none fatigue, organic, 3 dimensional sound both deep and wide.  You just can't touch tubes.