Best Brands Out of These-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinsons...

I would like to know what is the best brand out of these-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinson,Clitsch,Boss,Feacal,Sonus Flogger or KOF?I have a Demon amplifier which says 400 watts on the back.
Here is another name for you Cerwin Vega and I cant find anything on  "Clitsch"
must be a typo ...right?  :P

This is clearly a person who wants expert advice/guidance of more seasoned folks. What you respond with is derision,chides, and unfriendly responses... 

.. AND  you wonder why 2 channel audio is dying.... 

@jtgofish .. sorry for the unkind responses.. not all audio enthusiasts are like those above. I wish I could answer you questions in an educated way. 
audiophiles are  sometimes jerks.... it’s insecurity 
Nopee your waye wronger hear birdfart. It starteed out as are jok poostt and still iz. Reded his other posters and he con speal just hovin fun. Lolp 
You’ll need 400 Watt speakers, mate!  Or is that two 200 Watters?  I hear Deaf Teck is good...have you tride a Poke?  Ditch that Demon too and Get a Yo’Mama or a Man Rats!  
We in the biz got a million of these...Sansewage, Poisonear, Oinko, Drool, Kommon Hardon, Broken Awfulsoon, Caver, Fizzle Linear, McIntush,
Audio-Wretcheda...I could go on.