Best combination of HT and sound

I currently have a Marantz 8000 series that I purchased decades ago. It has power supply problems now but I loved the musicality of this receiver. Needless to say, as a past audiophile, I am in the position to upgrade my system. Looking for either a good HT system that allows 4K pass through with a good phono preamp. I've seen the Denon 960 and 2700 but really looking for a good 7.1 amp and pre -amp combo. Currently using Paradigm speakers for surround. Will change this if the right speakers fit my profile. Want low profile speakers. Any and all suggestions and comments welcomed
And are you looking for a processor/AVR only or speakers as well?
I am not an analog Audiophile but what kind of a phono preamp do you need-mm or mc?  Most AVRs in the 1k range are mm only.
And do you want Atmos?
recently learned about how to integrate a high quality ’front 2 channel audio system’ and an AVR Receiver

1. AVR needs Front Pre Outs (go to the higher quality 2 channel front system)

2. Front System needs HT BYPASS Input.

Music, front system only needed, high quality sound

Video: AVR sends front signals to front system's amp, uses AVR's amps for center and surround speakers.

Video: AVR controls all volume, including the front pre-outs, so volume balance after calibration is maintained
It's going to be a challenge to find a HT processor or receiver that includes a phono preamp.  This went out of style a long time ago.  You might find one or two items, but they may be extremely expensive.  For example, the McIntosh processors usually come with a "MM" moving magnet phono input.

Otherwise, if you do a hybrid system like elliotbnewcombjr described, you can definitely find a preamp that includes a phono input.
The Schiit Mani provides MM & MC and may be as good as what you’d find in most processors. It’s small enough to fit nearly anywhere, and at $129 not a lot to lose if you don’t like it.

I use a hybrid setup comprised of Ayre preamp and Bryston processor.  Both stereo and surround sound are excellent.
here’s a 2 channel with phono and HT Bypass (new or factory recertified available)

It will drive front L and front R always, 2 ch or video’s fl & fr.

Run the TT to/fm the front stereo system, not the AVR

Then any decent AVR with Front Pre-Out ( it’s hit or miss which have Front Preout)

Most cost toooooo much, I found this Yamaha, there must be others
(just look at the back: pre-out panel, must have 'front' rca jacks out usually near sub pre-out (not zone 2).

then AVR’s main job is to drive a good sounding wide dispersion center channel speaker, and the limited frequency range surrounds.

I used this very compact Bose Center for many years (even behind a CRT in a wall unit with receding doors).

just went for Klipsch, bigger wider center, horns, no rear port (very efficient, I needed to cut it’s input signal strength -2.5db via AVR setup) thus not much power is needed

Of course you need an AVR with an HDMI with ARC Audio Return Channel to/fm the TV
It sends video and it receives audio, needed when you stream via the Smart TV to get the sound to the AVR, other equip sends audio to the AVR and the AVR then sends the video to the TV all the same HDMI ARC cable.

also went for Klipsch small horn for surrounds, again, not much power needed

I taped up the rear ports and put them on their backs firing up behind the sofa.

A lot of excellent suggestions here. I'm leaning towards  elliottbnewcombjr2 suggestion of using a two channel amp for the fronts and let the AVR take care of the rest. Looking at the Denon 2700 and use the pre-outs to drive my front speakers from a separate 2-channel amp. It has MM phono and I believe Atmos. What do you suggest as a 2-channel amp to drive my fronts for music. The S-2700 has 95w of power so I don't think I need more than that, especially if I choose the Klipsch to replace my paradigms. Any other suggestions for low profile speakers that are bot efficient for 2-channel and can handle HT movies?

I found that Yamaha Receivers, several have front preout

for the front Speakers, I have a few functional comments.

efficient to reduce power needs, helps keep components and their heat smaller, more placement options, remote beams placement, and saves money.

mine vintage DBX Soundfield 100, none for sale now it seems, were designed to provide full range and to project a wide center image so 3 people on a couch get very good imaging. just read about them so you keep it in mind when considering options.

One way, conventional box front facing drivers (my music system speakers) is to have the ability to easily change the toe-in. Think about methods to do that. Felt or plastic slip sheets; 3 wheels if speakers are heavy enough, ...

as you will be listening to:

2 channel, you alone, normal toe-in, speakers directed at the center spot. Or, you and a friend listening to 2 channel, or 2 or 3 viewing, or, like Donna and I, always at each end of the sofa, our own coffee warmers, phone chargers, coasters, ... You change the toe-in aim left speaker at right end of sofa; aim right speaker at left end. works.

also: low bass: mains full range, so the bass is there for 2 channel or when using AVR, and if you alter the toe-in, everything is similarly directed.

I added 1 sub for video only, sub out of AVR, just for Dinosaur Stomps, Black Halk Down, Movie Domino Soundtrack (whew!).

If you go with smaller mains and a pair of self-powered subs, you want those subs on for all modes, 2 channel only and video. I recommend a stereo pair, front facing, no ports, adjacent to the mains to help keep directionality of bass as created by both the fundamentals and their overtones, i.e. 40, 80, 160, 320 ... Two subs: if you can return them, try a smaller pair, perhaps 8", depends on room size, mains driver sizes, just to say, don't over-do it, a bit smaller helps buying 2 easier.
My 7.4.4 system based around a Marantz 8805.  Focal 1000 series IW speakers.  The 8805 has a button "Pure Direct"(?) which shuts down all video processors within the unit for the cleanest two channel output.  Couldn't believe the difference it made the first time I tried it.  That said, there is another feature in the 8805 that up mixes two channel to surround sound, there is a couple of options but DTS is the best one.  I use this exclusively for phonograph play.  Maybe not for those who want only to hear the two stereo channels, but I prefer it and you might want to demo for yourself.
I’m using an Marantz 8805 as well and have gotten many hours of 2/channel play from it, like the post above Pure direct is indeed a feature that works quite well. It does have the ability lacking on most pre’s to playback native dsd via HDMI , It’s also very transparent with external dac’s Im now using An Gustard dac A18 , I’m a fan of Akm dac’s and the 8805 using the 2/ch xlr inputs I can easily discern differences. There are days I want to add a 2/ch preamp but am hard press to do so!
What do you suggest as a 2-channel amp to drive my fronts for music.
Do NOT just get an amp — at the very least get a stereo integrated amp (something like Hegel would be a great choice).  The preamp section of AVRs is garbage and it will severely denigrate 2-channel performance, so just replacing the amp won’t get it done.  I’d also recommend getting a separate phono preamp — they don’t take up much space and a dedicated phono pre will likely be significantly better than those included in preamps and get you more MC flexibility.  The takeaway — preamps are critical components to achieving better sound, so ignore/minimize them at your peril. 

For speakers, look at SVS as their speakers are very good for the $ and they offer an excellent center speaker that’s better than most at their price level.  They also offer an excellent extended and truly risk-free trial period (including all shipping!) and outstanding customer service.  FWIW, and best of luck.