Best component cables silver or copper

Has anyone compared a heavier gauge of solid copper core to a smaller gauge silver core.I want to find out the best material for video.I want a component cable that is going to give me the sharpest picture
Not sure what a "telecine" facility is but usually proshops are in it for the money and aren't gonna waste capital on cables. They'll simply buy from whoever their supplier is. Do you think they really worry about all that mass market quality media that is put out...

You'll get a vast amount of varying opinions so best to try for yourself and see what works in your system. Smart money seems to say best to save your money when it comes to cables.
Try renting a few different types from The Cable Company and try them at home yourself.
I gotta tell you, I've been really impressed with the Tara Labs RSC (Rectangular Square Core) component cables. They really do a phenomenal job.

Granted, they're a little pricey, but some exploration and a wanted ad on the 'GoN should produce a few offers that are appreciably less than retail.
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The reason silver plated copper works so well for video and not so well for analog audio is that at video (and digital) frequencies, which are very high, nearly the entire signal rides on the skin of the conductor rather than through the core. This means that a silver plated copper conductor can effecively sound like a pure silver conductor but at a lower cost.

Silver, when done right, tends to outperform copper, but silver is not always done right. The purity of the metal, method of drawing or casting, grain and crystal structure, all make a difference. Also the dielectric can have as much of an effect on performance as the conductor itself.