Best computer program for Apple IMAC

Hi there, I am ripping all my cd's to my computer and am wondering what the best program is that is Apple Complatible

Oh i dont want to record anything higher than CD Quality (SACD or DVDA) Will I benefit from upsampling? I kind of figure KISS (Keep it simple stupid) but digitals pretty complex and I dont want to try wrap my head around that one (Circuit boards, caps, tubes, I can get into)

I appreciate all your help Toby
iTunes Apple Lossless is easy and will give you a very high quality download. Run a DAC between your computer and your amp. Done.
Ripping program? XLD or Max

Player programs are a toss up. Start with Audirvana as it is free. Once you get the hang of that, try demos of the others.
Second Max for ripping and Audirvana for playback.

One unique feature of Audirvana is integer mode. As far as I know, at this moment, it is the only software player offers this feature. If your DAC supports integer mode, Audirvana really brings a higher level of clarity and soundstage presentation to your music.
I use i-tunes with Apple lossless for ripping and Pure Music software ($130) for playback. Very happy with it.