Best 'cue to eat while listening to the Blues

Santa Maria Style: Jockos, Nipomo
Kansas Style: Oklahoma Joes, KC
Texas Style: The Salt Lick, Austin
Memphis Style: McClard's Bar-B-Q, Hot Springs, AR
Beef Ribs: Daisy Mays, NYC

Don't drip on the album cover
Rum Boogie Cafe' Beale Street in Memphis, Tn. Their ribs and pulled pork sandwiches are excellent.
Twin Anchors on Sedgewick in Chicago (couple of blocks north of downtown) - baby backs to live for
Jackstack is in Martin City, to me its not all that good, the sister store on wornell, north of 435
is way better, this place has the best beans in the country... and the there is Odens in belton,mo just dang good. Don't like Gates, way overpriced for what it is, same with JackStack (BTW the one in Downtown KC also)

Another good one is Rosedales on southwest trafficway.

There are many in KC... BB's & LC's they are all good!
Thanks for the tip on Baby Blue's. I never knew about it and its just a short drive from me. I think I'll check it out this weekend.

Not barbeque, but to widen the culinary scope a bit, one of the most memorable places I have eaten at was Buster Holmes in New Orleans back in the 70's. Famous for their red beans and rice. Too bad its long gone. Their offerings would go well with any blues/soul/jazz.